mixed berry cobbler (twd)

The mixed berry cobbler that Beth chose for this week’s TWD recipe may be Dorie’s least popular recipe so far. The discussion thread for the recipe had one negative review after another, mostly revolving around a lack of flavor in the biscuit topping.

When I got a chance to look at the recipe closer, I was surprised by how poorly it had been received by other bakers. I compared the ingredients of Dorie’s cobbler topping to my favorite shortbread recipe, and they’re identical except for the shortbread calls for 50% more sugar. True, my favorite cobbler recipes call for even more sugar. Keeping that in mind, I added an extra tablespoon of sugar to the biscuit dough. I also reduced the sugar in the filling just slightly.

I knew immediately after making the biscuit dough that my cobblers were going to be delicious. In my experience, there’s a close correlation between how good the dough tastes and how good the baked good tastes, and this was some very tasty dough.

I was right. A few TWD members also commented that there was too much dough per fruit, but the dough was like a big delicious biscuity cookie, so for me, the more, the better. The biscuit had soaked up the fruit’s juices and was saturated with flavor. I generally shy away from serving my desserts with ice cream (do I really need two desserts in one sitting?), but this time, I couldn’t resist adding just a small scoop of vanilla ice cream to add a sweet balance to the tart berries. Absolutely wonderful.

Dorie’s recipe for Mixed Berry Cobbler can be found on the NPR website.


  1. Those are adorable. I need to start making things in ramekins. That could solve my portion control problem.

  2. These look so good! I am not sure that I have ever had cobbler before but I am sure craving it now.

  3. I agree – the biscuit was perfect for soaking up those berry juices. The plainness of the biscuit was the perfect foil for the berries.

  4. So glad to hear that you liked it. Those mini cobblers look just glorious.

  5. I’m with you, I thought the biscuit top was fine and my only tweak was to add more salt, because I usually find that cobbler toppings don’t have enough. I’m not sure what all the hoo-ha was about?

  6. I’ve never had a cobbler before so I’m kinda wondering exactly how much flavor the topping should have! I always thought it was the berries that were solely responsible for the sweetness ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, you certainly have a very seductive dessert there, and the very neatly placed biscuit tops are winning me over, heh ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Yum yours look wonderful as always! I thought about putting mine in ramekins but shaping dough stresses me out so I figured I’d just make one big circle and be done with it, lol. I still need to photograph mine, it was dark out by the time mine came out of the oven last night. I was really happy with the crust as well, I dunno what all the whining was about this week!

  8. Looks like we had the same idea. Yours looks beautiful. I enjoyed the recipe as well.

  9. I thought the biscuit on top was perfect too. I’m not really a fan of cobbler but I loved this one. Yours looks great!

  10. Your cobblers are stunning!!!

  11. beautiful photos! your cobbler looks so yummy! i also think the topping was unfairly maligned ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Caoimhe says:

    Dave “Guess what I had for dessert last night?”
    Caoimhe “WHAT?!”
    Dave “Crumbly Cookie dot com, check it out…”
    Caoimhe [gasp][sigh][stomach rumble]

    Have you ever tried Beef Cobbler? Savoury, Biscuity, Juicy, Crumbly, Melty Deliciousness.

  13. Beautiful!!

  14. Caoimhe – I haven’t had Beef Cobbler. It sounds great though – I’m assuming it’s a beef stew base with biscuits on top? Yum!

  15. Beautiful photos! And I agree about using the lovely biscuit to sop up the extra fruit juices.

  16. Caoimhe says:

    You got it, slow oven roasted/cooked stew with delicious savoury biscuits on top. I’ll gather some good recipe references and send them your way…..

  17. Your mini-cobblers look wonderful! I wondered about all the comments about the dough, and I wonder if it isn’t a problem of preference? I don’t like things overly sweet, so found the dough fine with the recommended amount of sugar. Yours look good!

  18. I agree with you 100 percent! We made a few changes to ours, and loved it! I usually don’t like cobblers, but this one was wonderful.


  19. Kelly D says:

    We loved ours, too. You can’t go wrong with good dough and tasty berries.

  20. Great pics! I liked the recipe as well, the crust was good.

  21. Those last two minis cobblers are staring at me… I know it! They’re calling my name… I can hear them!
    Beautiful pics… beautiful “petites” cobblers! LOL

  22. Great photos! I agree completely – I love plenty of the yummy biscuit crust! Beautiful job!

  23. Wow, those are beautiful! Great photos and great job on the cobbler!

  24. absolutely beautiful pics! if i make this again, i will definitely bake in ramekins. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Your individual cobblers look wonderful. Beautiful photos as always! I think ice cream is always and appropriate and welcome addition to cobbler ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. oh, they are beautiful! i love the juices spilling over the side of the ramekin and your photos are great!

  27. love the cutie ramekins..i did mine in small bakers too. funny because i tasted my dough even after adding pecans, brown sugar, nutmeg…and i thought it was so yucky. good thing the final result was REALLY tasty. dont’ judge a biscuit by it’s dough? hahaa.

  28. So nicely done! And so tasty looking!

  29. You have some beautiful looking cobblers there.

  30. love how the red background just pops! beautiful presentation

  31. Looks great!!

  32. It looks tasty! Great job! love your little ramekins!

  33. Beautiful photos! Very inspiring.

  34. Mara, you’re right, biscuit dough is pretty blah until it’s baked, unlike cookie dough! After baking it turns into wonderful fluffy goodness, perfect for soaking up the flavors of gravy or fruit juice.

    bridget, your mini-cobblers are darling. Glad you liked them!

  35. Another raw dough eating, ramekin using Dorista. I’m with you… the simplicity of the biscuit topping put the spotlight on the fruit. Great job!