apple cheddar scones (twd)

Apple and cheddar is a combination of flavors that I’ve heard about often but had never tried, so I was happy that Karina’s choice of Apple-Cheddar Scones for this week’s TWD recipe would give me that chance. Also, while I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a sweet or savory recipe, I served it with soup for dinner, which means I actually got to choose my own dessert to make last week! How exciting.

I made the full recipe, a rarity for me, and froze most of the shaped scones. The recipe came together with no hitches, although the dough was a bit stickier than I was expecting.

Although we ate these for dinner twice last week, situations beyond my control prevented me from enjoying one fresh from the oven. However, they were great even at room temperature. They were very light and tender.

That being said, I’ll tweak the recipe a bit for the next time I make it. Most importantly, I double the salt, because I kept hoping for just a bit more flavor from each bite, and this recipe calls for significantly less salt than most other biscuit recipes. I’d also cut the cheese into tiny squares instead of grating it, because I think the flavor almost gets lost when it’s evenly mixed in with the flour. I want little bursts of cheddar flavor. And I might increase the apples a bit, because I didn’t get as much apple flavor as I wanted either.

But they were still really good. I’m glad I have four more in the freezer. I’m also more interested in other apple-cheddar recipes now.

Karina has posted the recipe.


  1. Hey, great ideas for tweaking the recipe! (I wonder if the moistness would be affected by not grating the cheese.)

  2. They look wonderful!

  3. Beautiful looking scones, glad you liked them!
    Ulrike from Küchenlatein

  4. Great job!! I love apple and cheddar cheese together. So good!

    BTW, I wish I had your camera. I love your photos.

  5. Your scones look fantastic! I wish I would have just cut up my cheddar instead of grating, I think the more intense cheddar flavor would really help!

  6. Wonderful pictures! Those scones look wonderful.

  7. The freezer’s totally the way to go. They sound good with soup, I’ll have to try that.

  8. Your scones look delicious!

  9. Mmmm! They look great! I love that you can see all the little bits of cheese in the scones…these really were delicious!

  10. These look so lovely!!!

  11. love that last photo, so flakey on the inside! i also next time was thinking the same thing about cutting rather than grating cheddar, i wanted bigger chunks of flavor.

  12. yours look really good, lovely photos! that is a great idea about the chunks of cheese, too.

  13. your photos are beautiful…and the scones look delish!

  14. Your scones look fabulous! I’m anxious to try a batch with the cheese and apples, but I’ll probably wait till fall. Your braid is beautiful also. The cherries sound delish!

  15. Your scones look beautiful! I agree that next time I would add more cheese and apples. The inside of your scones look perfect.

  16. I love scones especially those with cheddar! Yum. I would love to make these when it’s not so hot in my kitchen. I know those would taste good these days with an iced latte. Mmmm.

  17. What an understatement – just a little stickier than expected?!? They look fabulous as always though.

  18. I’m glad to know the freezing works well. I may need to to do that next time.

  19. Kelly D says:

    They look great. Don’t you love it when you discover a new flavor combo?

  20. I think that little chunks of cheese would be nice, too. Good pictures!

  21. amanda says:

    I agree that next time I’ll do chunks of cheese. It seems like both the cheese and apples almost melted into the dough. Not much flavor. 🙁

    But your scones look lovely! Absolutely beautiful.

  22. Wow, these look great!

  23. Cubing the cheese is a great idea for extra bites of cheddar. I love that you served this with soup – yum.

  24. I love the shape of your scones! I scooped mine and they really spread in the oven, leaving me with blob scones. I like the idea of using cheese cubes instead of grating them as well, and I’ll definitely try that next time!