blueberry pie (twd)

Blueberry season snuck up on me. When I first saw that Amy’s TWD pick this week was blueberry pie, I hadn’t yet seen seasonal blueberries at the store. But when I went just a few days later, blueberries had replaced strawberries in the produce place of honor. Phew. (Then we went camping in the supposed “blueberry capital of the world”, so…yeah, finding blueberries didn’t end up being a problem.)

Like most somewhat experienced bakers, I already have a favorite pie crust recipe. It’s tasty, flaky, easy to work with, and doesn’t require shortening. However, if I stubbornly cling to my old favorites and refuse to try new recipes, I’ll stagnate as a baker and a cook. I was certainly willing to give Dorie’s pie crust recipe a try.

I also have a favorite blueberry pie recipe, but again, with the trying new things…

Dorie’s pie crust knocked my socks off. It was delicious, flaky, tender, and even easier to work with than my other recipe. However, the shortening is actually a deal breaker with me. I’d rather be careful that my pie crust is chilled enough when I’m rolling it out than eat hydrogenated fats. Also, I think Dorie’s recipe needs to be scaled back a bit. It makes about 20% more crust than other recipes I’ve used, and as a result, the pie had a higher crust to fruit ratio than I like, even though I think I like pie crust more than most people. (Depending on the quality of the crust, of course.)

The filling, well, it reminded me that I love blueberry pie. I ate four (small, I swear!) pieces in one day. I reduced the sugar from 1 cup to ¾ cup, and I’m glad I did, I think I used just the right amount of sugar. I also didn’t have the lemon zest that I was supposed to use, so I fudged that with a bit of lemon extract. I still like my other recipe better – it uses cinnamon as a supporting flavor instead of Dorie’s lemon, and the cinnamon is surprisingly perfect with the blueberries.

The recipe calls for bread crumbs to be scattered on the bottom crust before the filling ingredients are added. I’m not putting breadcrumbs in blueberry pie; it’s just not happening. I considered using graham cracker crumbs, but ultimately got lazy and skipped this step entirely. I bake pies on a preheated baking sheet, which I think helps brown the bottom crust and keep it crispy. I had no problems with my crust getting soggy.

The recipe can be found on Amy’s blog.


  1. Glad you liked the pie – we did, too. I think it’s interesting that you prefer the cinnamon; I really prefer the lemon over cinnamon in a blueberry pie. Tastes are so different! My husband was just glad to get blueberry pie!

  2. Cinnamon sounds wonderful in a blueberry pie, I will have to try that. Your pie looks amazing, beautiful pictures!

  3. Oh geez look at that crust!! It’s perfect.

  4. Good idea on reducing the sugar!
    What a beautiful pie 🙂

  5. Your photographs make me want to hug your pie. 🙂

  6. I’m going to have to try this pie crust. The breadcrumbs are selling me on it, and your pie looks really lovely and retro–just like it should.

  7. Your pie looks so yummy. I had no idea that Hammonton, NJ was the blueberry capital of the world!

  8. This is one of the better pics of the pie I’ve seen today!

  9. looking at your dough I realize I did not blend mine to small enough pieces! Probably why mine got crumbly!

  10. Mmmm! It looks perfect!!!

  11. We take the leftover pie dough and make dodo’s out of it.

    Roll out the dough, butter it, cinnamon and sugar, roll up like cinnamon rolls. Bake for about ½ an hour….super.

  12. Nice looking pie. I had a lot of extra crust, too. I just made an extra treat! I’m going to have to try the preheated sheet pan trick. I can never get my bottom crust quite cooked enough.

  13. Delicious looking pie. Since you mentioned that you made pies rather frequently, I might move into the neighbourhood. I’ll put the kettle on.
    Great work.

  14. I agree – this did make way more crust than I normally use in a pie. It looks beautiful though!

  15. Your pie looks great! I love the way your crust turned out- it’s so pretty!

  16. Your pie looks awesome! I have a favorite pie crust, too, but I figured trying a new one only leaves a chance to find a new favorite, right? I did like that I had enough to make some extra mini pies, but if I plan to make just one pie I’ll certainly scale it back in the future.

    Beautiful photos, btw. Great job!

  17. I haven’t as yet tasted mine, so I am hoping that it is not too sweet. I don’t think I had quite enough berries…so we will see.

  18. I’m one of those people who LOVES the crust part the most!! Using cinnamon in the filling sounds fabulous…

  19. all of your ideas are great…and the pie is gorgeous!!

  20. Wow it’s so beautiful!! Mine was not as pretty, but it tasted good, the crust, not so much though..!! Do you mind posting your recipe for the crust????

  21. I agree on reducing the shortening. Your pie crust is perfect, great job!

  22. Your pictures are wonderful and the pie sounds great! The breadcrumbs really do work. We didn’t notice an odd texture or taste–others wouldn’t have guessed I had added crumbs at all if I hadn’t told them.

  23. that looks great. I know what you mean about the shortening, but as you say, it’s good to try different things

  24. That is one pretty pie! I loved working with this crust recipe too. Great job!

  25. Great pics, I love the second to last photo.

  26. I love all your pictures! Great job!

  27. I like the sound of blueberry and cinnamon. Looks pretty!
    Shari@Whisk: a food blog

  28. I loved your post and the honesty with which it was written. Great pictures of a lovely pie.

  29. amanda says:

    Good thinking on reducing the sugar. I wish I knew enough pies to figure all that stuff out.

    I love how your crust turned out. It looks delicious!

  30. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a cooperative pie dough– the near-body temperature here is not my friend 🙁 I’ve used fraisage and that seems to do a good job, though… At least I was able to roll it out!
    Beautiful pie. Thanks for the tips on preventing a soggy bottom crust too 🙂

  31. Love your pie and your comments on the recipe.

  32. Perfect looking blueberry pie! I’m off to check out that crust recipe.

  33. Your pictures are ALWAYS great, it’s a treat to hit your post at the end of the long list in my feedreader! I hear you on the shortening tip, I used lard, because shortening is a no-go at my house (not to mention hard to come by and expensive in the NL).

  34. mari – I actually have lard. I guess I didn’t realize that it had the same advantages as shortening does in pie crust, as far as a high melting temperature and lower water content. Maybe I’ll give it a try when I make the crust for the galette later this month.

  35. Beautiful blueberry pie. I’m on the opposite end of the baking spectrum (at least in terms of pie crust production) and I loved Dorie’s recipe too.

  36. your pie looks delicious! i’ve come to the conclusion that dorie prefers a higher crust to fruit ratio than i do!

  37. Your pie looks wonderful! I just actually finished baking a pie, and i used a wonderful Pie crust recipe. the dough was really soft and easy to work with. The only problem was, my crust after baking was soo stiff! it was hard to Cut it out, Does anyone kno where i went wrong?