blueberry sour cream ice cream (twd)

The blueberry sour cream ice cream that Dolores chose for TWD this week sounded interesting, and I wasn’t really sure how I’d feel about it. I had never tried sour cream in ice cream, or even really heard of it being used. I remember mixing sour cream into whipped cream for the cream puff filling and being surprised by how much I liked it, so I had high hopes for this ice cream.

The recipe itself was very simple. Bring sugar, berries, and lemon to a simmer, blend it with heavy cream and sour cream, chill, and churn. No one seemed to have any problems putting the recipe together this week, so that’s something. A few people even went ahead and made it without an ice cream maker.

I really liked it. Dave thought it was too sour creamy, but that might be my fault – I told him it was blueberry ice cream, and he said that the sour cream detracted from the blueberry flavor. But this is definitely blueberry sour cream ice cream – the sour cream gets equal billing with the blueberries.

The texture was smooth, not grainy at all. Some other TWD members have complained that the ice cream was too rich and left an unpleasant coating behind each bite, but I don’t really agree.

The ice cream admittedly isn’t a classic choice; the sour cream flavor definitely stands out. But I thought it was really good, and I enjoyed trying something different. Plus, it’s super easy.

Check out the recipe on Dolores’ site.


  1. manggy says:

    Yeah, it definitely looks really smooth and berry-y :) Actually what makes Haagen-Dazs strawberry ice cream so unique for me is its sourness. I imagine creme fraiche ice creams would be delightfully tangy too!

  2. Jules says:

    I’m glad yours worked out so well. Mine was a bit too sour.

  3. Your ice cream looks so delicious. I loved the simplicity and the tang.

  4. Hannah says:

    I agree! I loves the sour cream taste!
    Nice pics!

  5. rainbowbrown says:

    So good to hear that you liked it! I think those of us who enjoyed the sour cream might be fairly far between. It looks incredible and I love your bowls.

  6. Looks lovely! I really enjoyed this one. But, I love extra creamy ice creams. :)

  7. Peggy says:

    Beautiful pictures of your ice cream!

  8. CB says:

    My hubs agreed with your hubs about the sour cream but I personally loved the tangy-ness of it. To each their own right? Maybe next time I make it I’ll cut the sour cream to satisfy both of us. haha. Love all your pictures. Great job!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  9. Erin says:

    Your ice cream looks beautiful! I kept going back and forth about the taste, but I did love how smooth and creamy it was.

  10. Peggy says:

    Love your pictures! I really loved the sour cream and lime taste mine had. I really just wanted to eat the entire pan of it!

  11. Lori says:

    your photos are ALL outstanding!

  12. Caitlin says:

    Beautiful pictures, and that’s a great description – the sour cream is definitely an equal player with the blueberries.

  13. Linda says:

    I also really loved the tangy flavor and the texture of this ice cream (my DH, not so much). Beautiful job on your photos…I really enjoyed them!


  14. Jaime says:

    i really enjoyed this one, too! your white bowl makes the purpley ice cream pop!

  15. jessbcuz says:

    wonderful photos… do you use a light box? i’m trying to figure out how to take good photos in the evening…

  16. Bria says:

    I thought the ice cream was delicious too! My first batch turned out wonderfully smooth, but the second not so much.. Oh well, there will always be next time.

  17. mari says:

    I loved this recipe, but my DBF loved it even more. I wouldn’t have thought that the sour cream would be a problem for folks, but I guess it’s all up to personal tastes.

  18. bridget says:

    jessbcuz – I don’t use a light box. I set up a white display board on my kitchen counter next to the window; it covers the counter and some of the wall behind. I set up another white display board facing the window, on the opposite side of the first board. This board evens out the light from the window. Ah, it’s hard to describe. Basically, there’s a window, then a white board covering my unphotogenic brown counters, and then a white board facing the window.

    I don’t always bother with the whole set up, but for most TWD posts I do. It only works when there’s natural light. That’s one reason there’s not too many dinner recipes on my blog. Ice cream is easy because I can take pictures of it whenever, and then just put it back in the freezer until I want to eat it.

  19. That looks absolutely delicious and the color is amazing. I’m always looking for new mixtures to try in my ice cream maker and this one is going to be high on the list. Thanks for sharing!

  20. pamela says:

    That first picture of the scoops of ice cream, just barely peeking out of the bowl is just wonderful! Great job.

  21. nancy/noe says:

    Love the first picture of the ice cream just peeking out of the bowl. Thanks for explaining your photo method. That’s “light” years ahead of my photos. Good job, you.

  22. nancy/noe says:

    OK, I didn’t see pamela’s comment (right above mine!) when I posted. I sound like a parrot, oops, but I guess great minds think alike!

  23. dawn says:

    I hate to sound like everyone else, but your photos are just perfect. Ohh that color of the ice is so pretty.

  24. Claudia says:

    Great photos! Love the colour of your ice cream. Would have liked to try one of your ice cream scoops!

  25. jessbcuz says:

    thanks so much for the explanation on the photos and how you get that great light— i’m still trying to figure out how to photograph stuff I make in my midnight baking sessions— i usually wait until the kids are asleep so I don’t forget an ingredient or need to leave a recipe halfway through to stop a fight!

  26. bridget says:

    jessbcuz – Unfortunately, I don’t have any good advice for taking pictures when there’s no natural light. My strategy for night cooking or baking is to photograph the leftovers the next day. It isn’t ideal.

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