chocolate whopper malted drops (twd)

The Whopper cookies that Rachel chose for TWD are such a fun idea, and I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a recipe like this from any other source. With cocoa and malted milk powder in the dough and chopped Whoppers and chocolate chips as mix-ins, this recipe is pure Dorie.

It became clear to me right off the bat that chopping something as small and perfectly spherical as Whoppers would drive me to distraction. So instead, I dumped them in the food processor. It was risky, because food processors are far better at pulverizing than chopping, but it seemed worth it.

I was a little worried by the texture of the cookies right after they came out of the oven, because they seemed gummy. Had my partially powdered Whoppers ruined an entire batch of cookies? Fortunately, they improved greatly once they cooled, becoming pleasantly chewy and rich.

I compared batches baked right after the dough was made and baked the next day. Dave and I agreed that the batch chilled overnight was oh-so-slightly chewier with a more even texture, but that the difference was so subtle that the wait wasn’t worth it.

I thought it was a fun cookie – definitely a different idea, and a good one. Dave said they were nice, but not thrilling. Damned by faint praise.

Rachel has the recipe in her blog.


  1. Dave is quite critical, isn’t he? Ha ha 🙂 Well, I am looking at them from half a world away and they look so delicious to me!

  2. good to know that extra chilling doesn’t help THAT much. your cookies are beautiful!

  3. They look beautiful! I might have to try the food processor method next time because chopping them was a pain!

  4. I think Jason would love these. Whoppers are one of his favorite candies. I once saw him eat an entire carton in one sitting.

  5. These photos are gorgeous! Great job.

  6. Glad you liked them. They look fabulous!

  7. I think that food processor idea was a good one. They seem to have come out perfectly.

  8. I just love that picture of the box of whoppers spilling out! Very neat looking!

  9. Yeah, chopping malted milk balls was hilarious, I had to do them in small batches to avoid them all ending up on the floor.

  10. They look delicious! I used my food processor too. A little too powdered but the cookies was yummy!

  11. Good to know you don’t have to wait to bake *these* cookies 🙂 I don’t really have patience for things like that! Beautiful pictures as always.

  12. Great photos. Yes, cutting up the Whoppers almost took off a finger!

  13. Wow, your photos are beautiful! I think I’ll use a food processor next time choppin’ whoppas was not the most fun ever :O)

  14. Great looking cookies. I’m used to “faint” praise. Get it from Grumpy all the time. What is most disappointing? When I made frozen meatballs and jarred sauce last night I got a “that was good”. LMBO. grrrrr.

  15. WOW…. I am so hungry. Those look Yum-O. Love the blender shot of crumbled Whoopers.
    I think I will try me some chocolate whopper malted drops.

  16. great looking ring o’ cookies–yum!

  17. They look pretty great to me! I love your pictures!

  18. wow…nice cookies and the pictures are great !

  19. I love your blog! Your pictures are always gorgeous!

    These cookies look awesome and sound completely delish! I just love whoppers!

  20. Those pictures are gorgeous! What kind of a camera do you use?

  21. Teanna – I use a Canon Rebel XT. The earlier photos in my blog (pre mid-May) were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 2500.

  22. I just wanted to say that the pictures are gorgeous. Nice job.

  23. Glad you made ’em. Glad you dug ’em Love your blog!