The closest I’ve ever come to making, or even eating, rugelach is spreading jam on scraps of pie dough, rolling them up, sprinkling them with sugar, and baking them. So pretty close actually. Except that it never occurred to me to add chocolate, so I’ve been missing out.


Dave loves jam+scraps of dough, so I was confident that he’d enjoy these. I was right, and he was not pleased when I sent the first batch to a soldier in Iraq. That gave me a great reason to make them again, with a few changes I had in mind.


Dorie practically insists that we play with the filling recipe, so I took it upon myself to do so. For the first batch I followed the recipe exactly, and it was no bad thing. However, they were, if such a thing is possible, too chocolately. Not that they weren’t still delicious, but I happened to know that I added all sorts of other tasty things in the filling, and I wanted to taste all of it!


For the second batch, I cut the chocolate in half and reduced the jam a little, since so much of it oozed out from the first batch. And in a weird reversal, after months of replacing Dorie’s raisins with other dried fruit, I ran out of currants and substituted raisins. Still good. So many flavors playing along nicely together.


The recipe, chosen for TWD, can be found on Grace’s site. Changes I made include cutting the amount of chocolate in half, reducing the jam to ½ cup, and increasing the cinnamon to ¾ teaspoon. I also found that it was best to cut the dough into triangles before adding the chunks of chocolate, which blocked my pizza cutter when I added it before cutting.



  1. I love the way your photographed your Rugelach! Fun playing with the filling too! 🙂

  2. So pretty and golden brown. I skimped on the jam too for fear mine would leak 🙂

  3. They look beautiful- so perfectly shaped!

  4. they are very pretty- I completely agree about the chocolate being a tad overwhelming- I will follow your advice and reduce it by 1/2 next time I make these!

  5. Beautiful! I especially love the patern the baked jam left on your paper… wonderful!

  6. Oooh yours are so pretty! I love the first picture of the rugelach all lined up on a diagonal!

  7. I guess that I used too much jam! Some of mine exploded everywhere. Your photos are very good.

  8. Sounds like a HUGE win! (You’re usually very, very critical of desserts, hehe 🙂 And in fact, they look quite moreish and delectable!

  9. Lovely photos!! The cookies look delicious!

  10. after a bit of experimentation, looks like you got them just perfect! yum!

  11. My goodness those look amazing! Nice work!

  12. Caoimhe says:

    I know this is a late comment, but I think i may have actually tasted those…. Didn’t you send some into work with Dave? Dude – So delicious!
    As were the ginger cookies you made too…such a treat.

  13. Caoimhe – Yup, these were what you had. Except the photos are from the first batch, and you had the second batch, with less chocolate.