butterscotch pudding


A few years ago, a group of my friends got together and did a whiskey tasting. We compared a few different whiskeys of varying quality. At the time, they all tasted really strong to me, but I think that was the turning point of when I started to actually like whiskey. And butterscotch, which, by the way, is traditionally brown sugar and butter and has nothing to do with whiskey, tends to taste a little too sweet for me, so I was thinking that adding some whiskey would be perfect to cut that.


Of course I was glad that this week’s recipe was so simple, since, like everyone else I think, I’m swamped by Christmas right now. It’s a pretty standard pudding recipe – heat the dairy, add it to the egg yolks, heat everything together until it thickens. Dorie likes to use a food processor for pudding to get the smoothest texture, but I was way too lazy for that, so I did my best with a whisk.


The pudding was very good. It was definitely smooth enough without the food processor. If my fine-mesh strainer hadn’t been dirty, I would have strained the pudding through that, but it worked out nicely even without that step. It was indeed very sweet. The alcohol flavor was pretty strong on the first bite, but it seemed to blend with the other flavors as I kept eating. Overall, this was very good pudding, and I definitely prefer butterscotch when it’s accompanied by whiskey.

The recipe is available on Donna’s site.  I think I’ll cut the amount of scotch in half next time, just to bypass the initial spoonful of overwhelming alcohol flavor.



  1. Wonderful pudding variation!!

  2. beckyols says:

    love these pix! i skipped out on this one..but man, seeing yours makes me want to do it.

  3. Lovely pudding and photos! Wishing you a happy holiday season! I have enjoyed reading your blog this year! – mary the food librarian

  4. My friends and I got together once to do a whiskey tasting. Fun stuff. Your pudding looks really spectacular and I agree, whiskey does make butterscotch better.

  5. Ours was pretty boozy, too. But we liked it!

  6. i like boozy butterscothc, so yours is right up my alley! looks delish!

  7. joelen says:

    Oooh, everything tastes a little better with booze! Looks fabulous!

  8. Agreed, great photos. A whiskey tasting? Is that what they call it these days? 😉

  9. It looks so creamy and heavenly in the glass!

  10. Ooh, a whiskey tasting? Sounds like a recipe for a horrible hangover 🙂

    I wasn’t sure about this recipe but I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty it was. Yours looks much darker than mine, and much better!

    Happy Holidays!

  11. You must be one heckuva whisker, because that is smooth as silk! Excellent job Bridget! 🙂

  12. Nice job on the pudding! So many people opted out for whatever reason, so I’m glad you enjoyed my choice!

    Have a wonderful holiday!
    Donna @ Spatulas & Corkscrews

  13. it looks perfect! i am definitely not dragging out my food processor next time 😉


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