tall and creamy cheesecake


Due to an email mishap, I found out that I was going to get a mini muffin pan for Christmas a few weeks early. It was great; I had lots of time to get excited about it and think about exactly what I wanted its first use to be. Bite-sized cheesecake!


By the way, bite-sized cheesecake is a very bad idea. Even though post-Christmas detox is otherwise on in full force, I was hopeless in the face of these tiny cheesecakes. I ate one to make sure they were cooked through, then one when they had cooled a bit to make sure the consistency was right, then two that broke when I took them out of the pan, then one when I was taking the pictures, and one more after adding the strawberry sauce. Then two for dessert. <burp>


One thing I really like about Dorie’s cheesecake recipes is her initial step of beating the cream cheese alone, before even the sugar is added. What a great way to ensure that there are no lumps in the final batter. I’ve started doing this with all cheesecakes.


The recipe calls for either heavy cream or sour cream to be added to the batter. I used sour cream. I’m far from an expert, but in my experience, heavy cream dulls and dilutes the cream cheese flavor, while sour cream enhances it.

The cheesecake was really really good (obviously,ย  if my uncontrollable snacking is any indicator). It seems like almost everyone in Tuesdays with Dorie loved it. The texture was kind of light and fluffy, which I liked, and the taste was spot on – the cream cheese flavor is balanced nicely between tart and sweet.


The recipe is posted on Anne’s website. For the minis, I used the same amount of crust ingredients, just pressing them into the muffin cups with the bottom of a small container. I made a fourth of the recipe, and I divided the cheesecake batter among 24 mini muffin cups, but this might be a little underfilled – you could probably fit the same amount of batter into just 18 cups. I baked the cheesecakes at 300 degrees (no water bath) for about 15 minutes, until they seemed fairly set. Then I left them in the oven, turned the oven off, and propped the door open. This seemed to keep them from sinking in the middle. I found it easiest to remove the cheesecakes from the pan when they were at room temperature, although last time I tried something similar, freezing them seemed to work too. When they were chilled from the refrigerator, they clung to the pan and broke apart when I tried to remove them.



  1. LOOOOVE the bite-sized version of the cheesecake!! So fun.

  2. joelen says:

    Yum! Great idea doing mini cheesecake bites! Did you use a regular mini muffin pan? I saw on Amazon not too long ago that there is a pan very much like a mini muffin pan, however the bottoms are removable (think tart pans). I can see how that pan would be great for mini cheesecakes like these! (Great… now you have me seriously considering buying that specific pan so I can try making this out of the book!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love your minis!! Adorable!

  4. Making them smaller always seems like such a great idea, then you realize you’ve eaten so many you might just as well had a slice.

    But minis are more fun anyways!

  5. joelen – It’s a regular mini-muffin pan. I’ve made cheesecake in a regular muffin pan before, and I was surprised by how easily they came out of the pan, even undercooked a little. I think they’re a little sturdier since they’re so small.

  6. Don’t forget the crust. The cream-cheesy goo was certainly good, but the crust made them perfect.

  7. I love the mini cheesecakes! The strawberry sauce looks great too.

  8. I would love bite sized cheesecake because I usually only eat a bite of it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yours are very cute. Happy New Year

  9. This is the first time I have visited your site. I am really impressed, it is a super good blog. I think your mini cheesecakes are brilliant. Well done.

  10. OH! how cute! …and almost wise enough to trick you into thinking a couple couldn’t hurt… until you’ve popped them all into your mouth! LOL
    Beautiful idea, very creative and inventive!

  11. I love the minis! Super cute!! Perfect for popping into the mouth!

  12. Oh heck yeah. Those are rad.

  13. haha.. i know what you mean.. i do the same with cookies. It’s always important the texture is right.. right?

    Minis are so cute, but sometimes I end up eating way more!

  14. Truly gorgeous! I know I would have done the same thing though. Just one, just one more, and another, and with the sauce. LOL! Those are the most darling little cheesecake bites ever!

  15. ooh i LOVE the minis! i would definitely be doing some uncontrollable snacking…

  16. Oh I am so jealous! I used mini pans and mine do not look nearly as beautiful as your! Great job!

  17. Wow! These look fantastic. I still have some batter left and might try these. Thanks for the information about getting them outta the tins!

  18. Can’t. resist. cuteness. Gaahhhh! I totally need to make more cheesecake now, and it’s all your fault ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. LOL, the same thing happens to me with mini-anything. (Don’t even let me in the same room as mini-Oreos)

    Anyway, your baby cheesecakes are too cute for words. Love ’em!

  20. teaandscones says:

    Think of it this way. A regular slice of cheesecake is about 10 bites, so You didn’t even eat a whole slice. Better???

    They do look good.

  21. I love the individual sizes. You can eat them with your hands!

  22. bakingforthecure says:

    These look amazing! Lovely photos!

  23. What fun – and dangerous – to make minis for this! Hope you have a happy new year!

  24. pinkstripes says:

    I love the bite-size cheesecakes. I can’t believe more people didn’t make minis.

    Happy New Year!

  25. Absolutely gorgeous. I love your Best of 2008 recipes, I need to try every one of them I think!

  26. Whoa! How special are they? But oh so labor intensive smushing all those little baby crusts. I’m sure everyone loved them. Bite size. Strong Work and very impressive work with your new Christmas toys. Yippee

  27. I just found your blog…these look great! Although I don’t eat cheesecake, I am always on the lookout for great dessert sites, my friend Debbie has a site devoted to cheesecakes. I will have her take a look.

  28. I was reading your cheesecake comparison post and I really want to try CI’s NY cheesecake, but its pretty big. I totally think bite-sized ones would be great.
    and I’m a first-time cheesecake maker so how would I adapt the recipe to bake them in a muffin pan?
    I’m wondering about the cooking time and temperatures, and prebaking of the crust, etc.

    Help would be great thanks!


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