fresh mango bread


I recently told someone that neither Dave or I like mangoes. Exactly one week later, Dave brought home four mangoes from work. Um…dude, we don’t like mangoes, remember?

But it turns out that I do like mangoes! I just don’t like the unripe ones I was buying from the grocery store. These were soft and sweet and a little spicy. And now I know how to tell when mangoes are ripe!


I used the last of those four mangoes in this bread, which is made like a classic quick bread, where the dry and the wet ingredients are mixed separately, then gently combined. I didn’t have raisins, so I skipped those, and I added lightly toasted sliced almonds instead. I didn’t have a lime or ginger either, so I left those out too.


So it turns out that I like mangoes…and I definitely like quick breads, and the bread part of this was particularly good, subtly spiced and perfectly tender without being too delicate. But I found that I don’t really like mangoes in a quick bread. Mangoes, to me, represent something refreshing and cool. Even once the bread was at room temperature, it didn’t seem like the right venue for mangoes. I didn’t hate it, but in the future, I’ll keep my mangoes and my quick breads separate.


If you feel differently, check out the recipe on Kelly’s site. She chose this recipe for TWD.

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  1. I don’t love mangoes either, but they look so pretty in this bread! You didn’t miss anything leaving out the ginger – it really overpowered the bread. Love your mini-desserts, as usual!

  2. I’m glad you ended up realizing that you like mangoes! They are my FAVORITE! Your bread looks GREAT! I LOOOOOVED this recipe!

  3. Actually, that’s what I was thinking– that mango is way too soft and wet for bread, but a lot of people liked this one, so I went with that 🙂 But I am glad you’ve finally come over to the right side of the mango preference line, heh (I’m so biased– it’s my favorite fruit!)

  4. I happen to love Mango anything, especially in margaritas. Sorry it didn’t do it for you, but glad you learned you like mangos now.

  5. Your mango bread looks great. Yeah, unripe mangoes do not taste good.

  6. I’m a big mango fan, but I also think they have a better place than in a quick bread. Although, I will say that I found this bread strangely addicting…

  7. ah well, that is too bad…but now you know that you do like mangoes!

  8. I can see there’s love in your photos! I agree that this was interesting, but I’m not adding it to my baking roster.

  9. Wow those look great! I love mangoes and just bought more today to make this again and freeze some loaves for later…. if they even make it to the freezer!!!

  10. I always liked mangoes, but I really fell in love with them when I went to Haiti to visit my sister who did mission work there and lived there a couple years. OMG, those mangoes were AMAZING. The ones we get here in the US aren’t anywhere near as delicious, but they are still yummy. While in Haiti, I also learned an easy way to slice mango. And my mom and sister made homemade mango jam. That was GOOOOOD stuff.

  11. I’m laughing, leave it to a husband to bring home something he says he doesn’t like. I’m glad you decided you do like them, I don’t know if I’d like them in bread either.

  12. haha- glad you found out you like them! Good job on the bread!

  13. This was my first time trying mangoes and I thought they were fantastic! I’m glad you discovered you like them too! Your bread looks awesome, even if it wasn’t your favorite.

  14. This looks lovely. And glad you were won over by a ripe mango. They are heaven on earth!

  15. ROFL!! I am looking at these gorgeous LUSCIOUS pictures of this bread that’s making me drool and then you say…I don’t like mangos in quickbreads! Well, listen sister, your pictures are SO beautiful they make us like them anyway!

  16. I like to keep mine separate too!

  17. Mmm…your bread looks fantastic! I’m glad you’ve developed a liking for mangoes, but sorry this bread wasn’t yummy for you. Great photos!

  18. While I didn’t hate it, I didn’t love it either.

    I gave half of it to a friend.

  19. Your bread came out wonderfully! I think my addition of other berries did it for me… without them, I probably wouldn’t have liked it as much. Although you didn’t care for it, you did a great job!

  20. I didn’t go crazy for this bread, it was nice, but not my favorite. Still, my husband really liked it. Your looks great!

  21. Love all your photos but especially the last one! 🙂 Glad that you foud out you like mangoes!

  22. That’s soo funny that Dave brought home mangoes when neither of you liked them at the time! Glad you converted over to being a mango lover! I love mangoes and I love this bread even though the mango flavor wasn’t very pronounced, I liked the spice combination.

  23. Your story is my story. I’ve gone a long time thinking I didn’t like mangoes. Now I know I like ripe mangoes! I thought this bread was tasty. I liked the spices, and next time I’d add nuts and some coconut (embracing the tropical nature of this quick bread).

  24. And I added extra diced fresh ginger. But the mango flavor was awfully mild. Good spicy loaf, tho.

    Your muffins looks delish.