tribute to katharine hepburn brownies

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I allowed myself a special treat this time – I made the whole recipe. It’s rare that I get to bake without doing fractions or figuring out pan dimensions, and it’s so nice to be able to actually rely on the baking times in the recipe. To say nothing of having a pan of brownies around all weekend for easy snacking.

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Most brownie recipes that I’ve made start with melting butter and chocolate over a double boiler, then stirring in sugar, eggs, and the dry ingredients (flour, salt, maybe some leavener). This recipe follows that same basic format, except instead of melting chocolate and butter together, cocoa is stirred into the already melted butter. I admittedly have a prejudice against cocoa being the primary source of chocolate in a chocolate dessert, but it’s mostly unfounded.

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At least chocolate is included somewhere. Not really one for crunchy mix-ins in my brownies, I very finely chopped the chocolate that was stirred into the batter. I was also hoping that tiny chocolate bits would melt into the batter and give me an overall deeper chocolatelyness than cocoa alone can provide.

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A number of bakers commented that after the recommended 30 minutes of baking, their brownies were still exceedingly gooey. Mine, however, were perfect – intensely fudgy, yes, but certainly cooked all the way through. I can only surmise that this must be a difference in the material of the pan and perhaps inaccuracies in our ovens’ thermometers.

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The brownies were perfect for what I wanted them for – sundaes with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce. And they weren’t so bad for random snacking either.

Lisa, who isn’t a member of Tuesdays with Dorie but won a recent logo design contest, chose this recipe and has the recipe posted on her blog. I skipped the nuts, and I’d use about half the amount of coffee called for.

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  1. Great pictures!! Your brownies look awesome. YUM.

  2. Lol, I have to agree, it sounds kind of “cheap” but cocoa really works to make things really chocolatey even by itself! (Besides, cocoa isn’t really all that cheap either!)
    Having a pan of brownies around is definitely not a bad thing 😉

  3. I really liked these brownies. I used dark cocoa powder and my brownies were super dark! Mine have lots of chunks, so you probably wouldn’t like that. Yours look great!

  4. awesome job. aren’t you glad you made the whole recipe now? even recipes that look like they’d halve perfectly become more stressful when manipulated!

    i totally have the same bias of chocolate v cocoa for intensity.

  5. I love this sentence: I can only surmise that this must be a difference in the material of the pan and perhaps inaccuracies in our ovens’ thermometers.

  6. I just love what you did with the brownies “sundaes with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce” : yummy !!!

  7. Oh goodness. Raspberry sauce. So awesome!

  8. Wow I’m envious of you and your pan of those delicious looking brownies! Stunning 😀

  9. perfect! and brownie sundaes–you are killing me over here!!

  10. Caroline says:

    Where is the recipee?

  11. bridget says:

    Caroline – Click on “Lisa”, in the last paragraph. Because I, along with hundreds of other bloggers, are baking our way through this entire cookbook, we don’t all post the recipes on our blogs. Inconvenient for our readers, yes, but a good compromise for the author of the cookbook.

  12. I just finished making these today. I normally bake the TWD on the weekend, but I went home to PEI so I couldn’t get to them until today. And oh my god, these are the most perfect brownie recipe I have ever made. I near cried when I ate them. I don’t like crunchy bits in my brownies either; nuts in brownies are the devil!

    Finally, I’ve never tried the coffee/chocolate combo before TWD, and I can’t believe how perfect they are together. Ahhhhhh.

  13. They look wonderful! And you’re so right. These are the perfect base for a brownie sundae. Great job!

  14. I really love your first photo – it’s gorgeous. A brownie sundae sounds great right now but maybe with a different brownie for me. These were a bit too fudgy and rich for my tastes.

  15. Perfect brownies!

  16. Those look great. And with ice cream – perfect.

  17. Yummy looking brownies….:)

  18. Bunnies4Buddha says:

    So why are they a tribute to dear K.?

  19. bridget says:

    B4B – Oh yeah, good question. It’s my understanding that she had a famous recipe for brownies, and although this isn’t quite it, it’s very similar.

  20. Great pictures 😀 😀
    The brownies looks delicious! I cant wait to try these!

  21. KateWatters says:

    Thank you so much for spelling Katharine Hepburn’s name correctly! I was named after her and it drives me crazy when people stick an “e” in the middle of her name. Brownies look amazing!

  22. Reference Services says:

    Your blog is great! Here is a post about Katharine Hepburn visiting Sandusky, Ohio in 1940: