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It took me a long time to understand edge people. In fact, my family is so squarely middle piece people that I didn’t even know brownie edge lovers existed until college. When my roommate and I would go out for dessert, I’d order a big piece of chocolate torte (with a side of mini cream puff), and she’d get a brownie (with a side of mini cream puff); but not just any brownie – a corner piece. What what what?

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Eventually, I realized it’s the chewiness that entices edge people. I think. I can somewhat see what edge people like about edge pieces, but I still am all about the middle. Soft and gooey all the way through.

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I was concerned that brownies baked in a mini muffin pan would be pretty much all edge. They weren’t. They were evenly textured, soft, and not chewy or dry. I did bake them for a lot less time than Dorie recommended, but they seemed cooked through. They certainly weren’t overcooked, which was my first priority.

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Overall, these were pretty much what you’d expect – brownies, but small and round. I like brownies. I like small things. (I can take or leave roundness.) I liked them.

Jayma chose this recipe for Tuesdays with Dorie, and she has it posted. I made 12 instead of 16 mini brownies, and baked them for 10 minutes instead of 14.

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  1. Sara L says:

    I’m an edge person when it comes to brownies. I like the chewy crispiness.

  2. I’m sooooo an edge person. I remember in high school they would sell brownies for .25 and I would always rush to get an edge piece. Soft and gooey and yet crunchy and chewy too. Perfect for making my mouth happy:) The little brownie bites would probably be right up my alley. They look delicious…man now I need some brownies!

  3. I’m a center person too. Sometimes, I even break the crust off of my cookies, but I just like the yummy centers so much better!

    Love your little edible checkers game going on up there!!!

  4. YUM!! I’m totally a center person. I hate crusty edges. 🙂

  5. Cute! I love the black and white contrast! 🙂

  6. They look great to me! I never knew about edge people either until fairly recently. I’m a middle person too! I liked these brownie bites a lot.

  7. Cute buttons! Oh, heck, I’m an edge and center person. I’ll take both!

  8. Your brownies look so cute! I like how you set it up, mixing the naked ones with the glazed ones. Looks like a checkers game! =)
    I’m a brownie person, love the edge and the middle!

  9. I’m an edge and a middle person.

    There is no part of a brownie that I don’t like.

    Yours are adorable.

  10. I don’t understand edge people! Craziness!

  11. I love the presentation!

  12. Your brownies turned out great!!!! I love that checker pattern!

  13. I’m a middle person for some things, like cake. I think that’s because I don’t like too much icing. But when it comes to brownies, I do appreciate the chewey goodness of the corner. Sounds like these bites might be the perfect in-between!

  14. Cute presentation. My mom is an edge person as well as a crust person,…even in Biriyani, she likes the slightly browned rice that sticks to the bottom of the pan….so I get it; the preference. These look perfect! 🙂

  15. you could really get a good game of checkers going with these–so cute! (i’m a center-person, too btw)

  16. I always assumed the people who liked edges on brownies, liked crispier cookies as well. My siblings are all middle people, as well as chewy cookie people, but my dad and I like the edge and crispier cookies. It definitely has to do with the texture. My dad is one of those people who really wants me to get an edge pan.

  17. bridget says:

    ~L.K. – There definitely might be something to that! My sister just told me that she’s become an edge person recently, and she also likes crisper cookies.

  18. Great serving platter. These look really pretty, too.

  19. Richard says:

    Just found your blog… I love it. Keep up the strong work.


  20. Center vs edge. Well, I like ’em both, but gooey that’s where its out. Great job on these.

  21. I am not an edge person too, though I have been known to ask for the edges of sheet cakes, for obvious reasons 😉 I’m glad these worked out for you! I am a brownie lover too! 🙂