chocolate-crunched caramel tart

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My favorite way to spend my oh-so-generous three-dollar allowance as a kid, was, surprise!, candy. Well, that and cheap stationary from Walgreens (which I still have, because, I don’t know why). Once a week, my friend Katie and I would walk to Walgreens and wander up and down the candy aisle, picking out favorites. I remember one road trip, sitting in the backseat, each digging through the boxes of candy we’d brought, trading Now and Later flavors (mm, sugary colorful wax) and rationing Sixlets.

I guess this explains all the cavities, huh?

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But these days, candy isn’t really my thing, in nearly any form. Oh, I’ll eat it; I don’t hate it. But when it comes to almost any confection, the truth is that I’d rather mix it up with flour and butter and bake something. Give me good brownies over the best truffle any day.

Which gives me a bit of a problem with this tart, which is filled with caramel, nuts, and ganache. It’s basically a piece of candy in a tart crust, and, eh. I ate it, it was fairly enjoyable, it just wasn’t really my thing. I demand more refined flour!

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I hate saying anything negative about recipes. I really want to clarify that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this recipe, and I did not dislike it. It just isn’t my favorite.  If you think you’ll feel differently, check out the recipe at Carla’s site. She chose this recipe for Tuesdays with Dorie this week.

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  1. No worries!! If you don’t like sweets, then no doubt you wouldn’t be too keen on the tart – everyone has different tastes, so it’s all good 🙂

  2. Even if it wasn’t your favorite it sure is pretty!! I think you did awesome with it!

  3. Sara L says:

    On our cruise one day, they had a chocolate raspberry pie that was essentially fudge in a pie crust. I thought it was to die for, but after reading this post, I don’t think you would have cared for it.

  4. This looks HEAVENLY!! I love it!!!

  5. This looks lovely. But I guess you could replace the candy with say, banana or something else, and still get a great dessert 🙂

  6. Well, the important thing is that it’s very pretty. 😉

  7. It sure looks good!

  8. Your tart looks great! It’s not your thing? eh, who cares…there’s plenty more to love out there.

  9. Wow that looks great to me:)

  10. I am sorry the tart was not one of the better desserts you have had but your tart looks Gorgeous! Love IT!

  11. Holy cow, but it does look incredible though! Mmm.

  12. Wow yours looks wonderful!

  13. It does look so stunning, though!

  14. This looks good to me. But is the chocolate soft or more hard? I guess I could read the recipe to find out…

  15. Oh yes, brownies >>> truffles any day 🙂 But I wouldn’t say no to such a perfect-looking tart either! 🙂

  16. Oh my what a delicious tart.

  17. My husband said it reminded him of a Heath Bar. Your tart looks beautiful!

  18. I think I have gone the other way: I think I eat more candy now that I did as a kid. I also thought that this was a lot like a Snickers, but I liked that so I really enjoyed this week’s recipe. Your tart looks so good! The chocolate looks so thick!

  19. Sorry you didn’t like it. Your photos are great!

  20. treewhisperer says:

    it’s funny-i kind of feel the same way-only i don’t like candy that is just candy-i need chocolate in it to make me consider eating it. not necessarily with flour-but the sugar just for the sake of sugar is not my thing! (in other words, i would take this over lemon bars any day). and not to sound repetitive-the pics look great-and so does the tart (which is because you made it so well). i only wish it would hold up in the mail so you could send me some!

  21. although i won’t let myself buy candy very often, i do still love it, so you can send any leftovers my way! and i still have all my cheap old stationary too…funny!

  22. Even it it wasn’t quite your thing your photos are still beautiful! It looks delicious!

  23. It does kinda look like a fancy Snicker’s bar!

  24. Sorry you didn’t like it! It sure looks delicious! But it happens, sometimes you just aren’t in the mood for something like this!

  25. Yours looks gorgeous. Totally fair that it wasn’t a favorite. It was pretty rich.

  26. Now this looks amazing.