split-level pudding

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Have you ever had a recipe go haywire and just not be able to figure out for the life of you what went wrong?  You review the recipe again and again, thinking, “well, it certainly looks like I did exactly what I was supposed to…”

One of the best parts of Tuesdays with Dorie is the discussion of the weekly recipe, where people can voice concerns, provide tips, and compare results.  If a bunch of us have the same issue, I feel pretty safe saying that the recipe has a finicky step.  We didn’t all follow the directions incorrectly, after all.  (But usually only a portion of us have problems, and I swear, I am always in that portion.)

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My pudding didn’t set up quite right.  It seemed perfect right off the stove, but then Dorie likes to give pudding a whirl in a food processor or blender before she chills it, just to make sure it’s lump free.  My smooth, thickened pudding turned right back to liquid after its time in the blender.  After it set up in the fridge, it was kind of…weird and lumpy.  And I wasn’t the only one with this problem.  No more blender/food processor step for me!  A fine-mesh strainer will do from here on out.

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Other that a slightly odd texture, what’s not to like about this?  Soothing, fresh vanilla paired with rich, comforting chocolate.  It’s a classic flavor combination for a reason.  Remind me in the future how good vanilla pudding is when a simple ganache is added.  That’s probably true for most things, though, right?

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Garrett should have the recipe posted.  As I said, in the future I’ll skip the food processor steps in favor of using a whisk and a fine-mesh strainer.  I might also add a little more cream (or less chocolate) to the ganache, because it was quite a bit more solid than the pudding.

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  1. I love the way you layered your pudding differently – I wish I’d thought of it!!!

  2. Love the Parfait look on these! Mine was runny too.

  3. I stumbled across your blog today, and now I’ve been sitting here for the past hour going through your archives! Your photos are beautiful and my stomach is rumbling. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your pudding certainly looks outstanding. Since it tasted good too, let’s call it a success!

  5. I love your blog. Your photos are amazing. I made this pudding too (not part of TWD, but just a Dorie lover), and I had the same problem. It was delicious though.

  6. They look so fancy. I love it!

  7. Your pudding looks fantastic! I wish I’d used a glass container so my levels had been visible. I agree with you on the ganache – mine was too thick in comparison to the pudding.

  8. Your pudding in various glasses looks lovely. I had setting problems one time, but the taste was so yummy it still went on the “make again” list…

  9. I stuck with a whisk (and no straining – sshh!), and it was still quite good. Smooth and creamy and thick. I really like how you layered it though, and your glasses make me wish I had more see-through ones that didn’t have stuff printed on them about bars or fraternities or colleges 🙂

  10. love that assortment of pudding vessels! i must go back and revisit dorie’s other puddings we made to see if they had this same re-processing step…

  11. Yeah, mine was all lumpy and weird, too. Too bad. I love yours in that glass, though!

  12. You’re right, that food processor step does not sound good at all! I’m sure Herve This has something to say about it 🙂 Anyway, nice end result! And yes, the sieve is perfectly fine all the time!

  13. I like that you used a champagne flute to serve it, it looks really nice with the different layers!

  14. It looks fantastic! I love the way you layered it too!

  15. My ganache was definitely too thick, but I really liked the contrast of flavours. Next time I guess I will thin it out a little with some more cream. What a nice, comforting dessert, though – and I like that I can make just two portions (my will power is exceedingly weak!).

  16. This looks really delicious:) I love the layered look!

  17. Your pudding looks fantastic! I love the stripes and glasses.