allspice crumb muffins

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Dave wants just one thing to make his workday more enjoyable, just one simple thing, and that’s biscotti. Although what he really wants is almond biscotti, and not any almond biscotti, it has to be this recipe.

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Sadly for Dave, biscotti aren’t one of my favorite things to bake, and I certainly have no interest in making the same recipe over and over again. No no, I have much more fun making muffins, so usually he brings muffins to work instead of biscotti. Poor, poor Dave.

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Muffins are just so easy. Mix up some dry ingredients, mix up some wet ingredients, stir them together. Lately I’ve been adding the sugar and salt with the wet ingredients instead of the dry. They both dissolve easily, and if it’s brown sugar, I don’t have to worry about it clumping.

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I wish I had taken the time to grind my own allspice – I have whole berries, plus a spice-dedicated coffee grinder, but I got lazy and stuck to the powder and my allspice flavor didn’t seem very distinct. But that’s okay, because these still make an excellent muffin – light, tender, tasty. I would certainly rather eat one of these with my morning tea instead of biscotti, biscotti, and more biscotti.

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Kayte chose these muffins for Tuesdays with Dorie and she has posted the recipe. Next time, I’ll reduce the butter in the crumb topping by a tablespoon or two. Not only did I have more topping than I needed, but it didn’t seem quite solid enough and flowed off the muffin a bit.

One year ago: I swear this is a coincidence, but one year ago was the Lenox Almond Biscotti.  Which are good, but do not pass Dave’s Biscotti Approval Test.

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  1. These look good. But most of Dorie’s recipes do… Not that I am saying it’s easy to make or anything, mind you, this is a compliment!

  2. Good tip to add the sugar and salt with the wet ingredients. Lovely photos!

  3. I love muffins, I should try this recipe. Love the crumbs on top.

  4. I’m not a fan of biscotti either! Your muffins look delicious–especially that crumb topping!

  5. Great photos! The muffins look perfect. My husband always wants me to make the same thing over and over too but I rarely give in. There are so many new recipes I want to try that I just can’t justify repeating recipes too often!

  6. They look great! I ran out of butter mid-crumb topping and reduced it all the way down to 1 T. This was okay, but I don’t recommend doing it that much (which we probably all could have predicted hah)

  7. Oh come on now, Dave would be crazy not to appreciate these- I know I could use a snack right about now! (4:30PM here 🙂

  8. wow…i want to make that muffin .. its looks great..

  9. beautiful and gorgeous!! thanks for the good tip too

  10. I’ll also take your muffins over biscotti anyday! Beautiful job!

  11. Well, those biscotti look amazing! Who can blame the guy for wanting them all the time? Your muffins look perfectly delicious.

  12. these look so good!

  13. Lovely photos. Your muffins came out wonderful!

  14. Okay, I confess, I loved that bit that overflowed shamelessly and left a sort of ridge of crumbly goodness, yep, I did! Yours look delightful and I would love to have one of those right now! Thanks for baking with me this week…Poor Dave, but surely these will grown on him!