sweet potato biscuits

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I love that not just one, but two of this month’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipes are non-desserts. I haven’t baked a TWD dessert in weeks! I’ve gone almost a month with choosing all of my own desserts!

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I don’t mean to complain; obviously I like being part of the group, or, well, I wouldn’t be. It’s just that I’m only baking for me and Dave, so if a dessert recipe makes 12 servings, that’s all we get for the week. That’s why I have a calculator in the kitchen and many many small oddly shaped pans. Fractions are my friend if I want to bake more than once per week.

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Getting to serve a TWD recipe with dinner is a rare treat. These sweet potato biscuits were a nice complement to the roasted butternut squash salad I made a few weeks ago.

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These biscuits are made the standard biscuit way – cut cold butter into flour+flavoring+leavening, then moisten the mixture, in this case with mashed sweet potatoes. It quickly became apparent that my sweet potatoes (bought fresh, then cooked and mashed) weren’t going to be able to turn the dry ingredients into biscuit dough, so I added some buttermilk, which helped.

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Except that something seems to have gone wrong, because my biscuits didn’t rise hardly at all. I liked the flavor quite a bit, but the texture was oh-so-dense. Still, this is the first sweet potato biscuit I’ve tried, and I quite like the idea. I’ll need to play with some more recipes.

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Erin chose this recipe for TWD, and she has it posted.

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  1. Love the square shape of these! Glad the buttermilk helped out in them. 🙂

  2. I like the square biscuits too. Very nice!

  3. Mine didn’t rise at all, either. They look like little flatbread disky things. I love potato bread, so I think I’d like to play with these, too. I wonder if it’s because we both used fresh taters? How many cups did you use?

  4. These are definitely not traditional light and fluffy biscuits but I loved them anyway! I used canned sweet potatoes and I really think the extra moisture helped a lot- but I bet the fresh sweet potatoes gave the biscuits a better flavor. Your photos are lovely, even if the biscuits were not as tall as you had hoped!

  5. They look great! And yes – it is kind of nice not making dessert (even though I have a baking blog). =)

  6. It looks like you got some decent rise to me! Love that first shot. These didn’t wow me, but I love the idea of them so I may also play around with some additional recipes.

  7. I also used fresh sweet potatoes and didn’t get a lot of rise. When my dough wasn’t coming together (like yours), I just added a little of my excess mashed sweet potato…I was thinking that I mixed it too much trying to form a dough before adding more sweet potato or something like that…

  8. I love the pretty orange color of your gorgeous, square biscuits. Fabulous job.

  9. This is an interesting recipe that I might have to try…

  10. Hmmmm I like the idea too.. I wonder what the rising issue is?

    If you find out, let us know 😀