sugar-topped molasses spice cookies

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A story:

I was trying to decide where to go to graduate school, visiting schools and meeting with potential advisors. One of those advisors had me over for dinner at his house with his family. His wife said she’d recently made molasses taffy, and I blurted out, “It doesn’t taste like molasses, right? That would be disgusting!” Yes, she said, clearly taken aback, it tastes like molasses.

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Oh, god, it still makes me cringe. Shut up, Bridget.

It’s not my fault! I didn’t know much about molasses back then, and in fact had only recently bought my first jar – of blackstrap molasses, because I didn’t know there were different types. No wonder I thought all molasses tasted bad.

Now I know better. Molasses = gingerbread = good.

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These cookies are even more molassey than gingerbread, which I don’t mind at all these days. And you know what? I ate a piece of that molasses taffy, way back when, and it wasn’t all bad either. I must have come up with something appropriately polite to say, because four years later, that advisor gave me a degree.

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Pamela has the recipe posted for Tuesdays with Dorie. I liked the texture and shape of the cookies better when they were baked at 375ºF for 8-10 minutes instead of 350ºF for 12-14 minutes.

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  1. What is the texture difference? Chewy vs crunchy? They are absolutely beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous!
    I can’t wait to try it out!

  3. bridget says:

    Branny – Baked at a higher temperature for less time, they were chewier and spread less.

  4. I love ginger and I love mollases, though I rarely bake cookies.
    I will try these tonight!

  5. I can not begin to tell you how many times I have opened my mouth and said things that I wish my brain had screamed “stop” before my tongue moved.

    Your cookies look wonderful.

  6. Love the story…I am a master of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time (lost my rookie status a long time ago, lol) so I love hearing about other people’s foot in mouth stories. The cookies look fantastic! I’m also loving the post every day. Your blog is the only one that I regularly make the recipes featured.

  7. These are so tasty. Thanks!

  8. These look lovely, you have photographed them beautifully. Great golden colour!

  9. Your cookies look beautiful! Great photos and good tip about baking temp/time. Prefer them chewier. This is a great recipe-really delicious!

  10. Those look amazing! Mine came out much thinner.

  11. LOL! That was a funny story!
    Yummy-looking cookies. I think these are one of the best I’ve seen so far of this kind. How was the texture different at the two temperatures? Which one was softer/chewier?

  12. Oops! I saw you answered the question already. Never mind!

  13. Molasses is certainly an acquired taste, best to begin with small amounts and lighter flavors first. These cookies are a great place for people to start, aren’t they?

  14. I wasn’t going to make this because I don’t really like molasses, either. But your post just convinced me to make them tonight. 🙂

  15. Funny story! 🙂 Glad it turns out you like molasses.

  16. Bunnies4Buddha says:

    All of my favorite ingredients rolled into a big circle of yumminess! I rarely make cookies but I am so excited about these – THANKS

  17. Hahaha I love your story! I guess we all blurt out things before we think sometimes 🙂

    These cookies look great. I bet they are packed full of delicious flavor…yum!

  18. haha, I just recently fell in love with molasses too- I had mixed feelings about it before I started baking with it! I feel like these cookies are so foolproof- everyone loves them! Yours look great!

  19. What a great story! I do things like that SO MUCH. I’m glad you liked these cookies, they were a big hit here.

  20. Jennifer says:

    I have a recipe very similar to this that I have enjoyed for years. I make them often, they’re absolutely my favorite kinds of cookies!!

    I’ve actually been known to keep the dough in the freezer so that I could always have some when I wanted a cookie!

  21. oh blackstap– i can’t handle that stuff, either! nice cookies–i love the gooey-looking cracks on top!

  22. Your cookies are so pretty! Thanks for baking with me.

  23. I’ve had those cringe-worthy statements as well, although never about molasses. I LOVE molasses cookies 🙂 Yours look awesome – since I love chewier cookies, I’ll go with a higher baking temp next time – thanks!