soft chocolate and berry tart

Chocolate and raspberry was my favorite flavor combination for a long time. It’s still up there for sure, but I’ve tried so many desserts recently that I’ve found all kinds of other great pairs – orange and vanilla, peaches and amaretto, cream cheese and anything. There’s no need to play favorites, but I was excited about making a chocolate and raspberry tart.

Then I used strawberries instead. Sometimes baking for Tuesdays with Dorie happens to be one item on a long (but manageable!) To Do list, and those times, I make do – and I had strawberries in the freezer. Even though Dorie specifically recommends against using strawberries because they’re too juicy, I went ahead with what I had. I defrosted a few, diced them small, sprinkled them with sugar, and set them aside to give off some liquid, which I drained before using the berries in the recipe. (I had a brief thought of “what should I do with the liquid?” Then – wait a minute! That’s sugary strawberry juice! And I drank it.)

I’d call it a success! My tart was a bit sloppy when I cut into it, but it was still crisp tart crust, rich chocolate, and sweet berries. No one complained about combining chocolate and strawberries around here, that’s for sure.  Rachelle has the original recipe posted on her site.

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  1. You are such a rebel. It’s a tough choice for me between chocolate+raspberry or chocolate+strawberry too. Both are yummy. My Hubs agrees with you on the cream cheese frosting+anything. HA! Glad to see it could work with strawberries too. I’m with you on the sweet strawberry juice. Waste not want not. Drink that stuff up! Love the mini spring forms. Great job!

  2. “cream cheese and anything”


    Lovely tart 🙂

  3. chocolate and strawberries sure sounds like a good combo to me!

  4. I’d love to try this tart with strawberries, I maybe will in the summer. Your tart looks so pretty!

  5. Oh man, I wish I’d known strawberries would work! I had those on hand and could have used them. Raspberries were too expensive so I just made a plain chocolate tart. It was good, but I know I would have enjoyed it more with fruit. We had the same idea with the whipped cream – mine looks quite similar 🙂

  6. I agree, chocolate and raspberries are meant for each other! But this strawberry cake looks awesome too!

  7. yum! I went ahead and used raspberries but I cannot wait to try cherries and now strawberries too! so glad it worked!

  8. How neat that the strawberries worked – I love you tart molds, so modern – the shape is wonderful. And such a professional flair with the piping! Glad they worked for you and good to know choco/strawberry combo is successful!

  9. I love chocolate + strawberries! No raspberries here, so I really don’t have anything to compare it to! The tart looks delicious!

  10. I’m glad you went with the strawberries! And it looks like it paid off!! I LOVE that filling!