quick classic berry tart

I can’t be the only one who prefers recipes that use whole eggs instead of egg parts. It isn’t just a mild packrat tendency, although I’m sure that’s part of it. I buy the expensive eggs – the ones that are hopefully (but questionably, I know) from slightly less mistreated animals. Throwing away egg whites is throwing away money. And sure, you can freeze egg whites (because it’s always egg whites I have leftover; delicious rich emulsifying egg yolks I can almost always find a use for), but what’s the point of gathering a collection of frozen egg whites that I’ll never use?

All this to say that I didn’t really make Dorie’s classic berry tart. I made Tartine’s. Their pastry cream is the only I’ve seen that uses whole eggs instead of egg yolks. I like the silky light texture that results from the addition of egg whites. Likewise, their tart dough uses whole eggs, so I went ahead and made that too, instead of Dorie’s.

Of course the result was fantastic – every baking book has some variation of tart dough + pastry cream + berries, and for good reason – it’s an unbeatable combination. I’m confident this tart would be just as good with Dorie’s recipes; I’ve made both her pastry cream and her tart dough, and they’re wonderful. They’re especially great if you enjoy egg white omelets so you don’t end up with a freezer full of egg whites.

Christine chose this, and she has Dorie’s recipes posted.

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  1. Holy YUM! They look so cute and delicious! 😀 I must try making berry tarts soon. Thanks for the inspiration! 😀


  2. I don’t like using egg parts either. It is tedious can be wasteful. It’s funny that you said what you did about egg whites because I reserve all my egg whites for your white cake. Anyway, the tarts I beautiful. I love the mini size!

  3. so funny… i’m like you with eggs. I see “egg whites” or “egg yolk” and steer away. I have started enjoying egg white omelettes though… just use a LOT of mrs dash seasoning!

  4. These look amazing, the perfect size in my opinion!! I now have 12 egg whites with no purpose sitting in my fridge… Thinking of either making Angel Food Cake or the Pink Butterfly Kisses that I saw over at Mowielicious!

  5. too cute…

  6. Wow, these minis are just wonderful! I would eat all of them right away, that’s for sure…
    If you need good recipes for left-over egg-whites, and are fed up with making macaroons or merengue nests over and over again, try one of these:
    If I am brave I will give the macarons a try. (and if not, the Financiers are also fine!)

  7. Very nice minis! I could pop a bunch of those in my mouth!

  8. I couldn’t agree more about the egg white issue. I’m always freezing them, but eventually throwing them away because the made-from-scratch angel food cake just doesn’t happen.

    Your minis are quite adorable and just the perfect size!

  9. I also prefer recipes that use the whole egg. I try and be efficient and stash my egg whites in the freezer straightaway, but more often than not they usually end up sitting in the refridgerator for days on end. Then they ultimately go bad and get poured down the sink. 🙁

    Your little mini tarts are just gorgeous! So cute.

  10. These mini tarts are adorable! You made a good choice with the recipe. Where can I find the other one?

  11. OMG, those are just darling.

  12. So sweet! I love them.

  13. Thanks for baking along and kudos for finding recipes that use the whole egg! Your mini tarts look great!

  14. Yeah, I don’t like storing egg whites too, but having a few frozen on hand is good for Tartine’s Chiffon Cake, which is of course my favorite basic cake 😉 The tarts look soo cute – yay for Tartine!

  15. Love these little tarts! I don’t mind recipes that call for yolks since I’ll gladly eat the whites scrambled, in my healthy higher protein panckes, or whipped into oatmeal (sounds weird but it makes a nice-pudding like consistency!) But if a recipe calls for just whites, I’m at a loss about what to do with the yolks.

  16. Those are adorable. And I love the red plate you served them on.

  17. Everyone is so creative with the various sizes they made the tarts into! I love these tiny, bite-sized beauties. And I agree with you on the egg white issue. I always save mine, but they are never put to use. Poor whites, always the bridesmade….:)

  18. Agreed on the whole egg issue.

    So cute! My mom just found a(nother) box of kitchen goodies that belong to me in her basement including mini muffin pans. I wish I had it here now!

  19. What lovely tartlets you made !! I started making lots of pavlovas all sizes and meringues for my celiac friend so now I’m finally short of egg whites ! I should look for a bananas egg whites cake for the future !!

  20. Cute little tarts!

  21. I like your minis. They look great! I don’t like wasting the egg either. I just scramble up the left over egg whites for breakfast. It’s healthier anyway. 🙂

  22. Your mini’s are so cute. My kids love coconut macaroon and meringue cookies so I can usually get them to use left over egg white.

  23. Adorable mini-tarts!

  24. Cute little minis. A mouthful, a tiny bite of yum.

  25. how perfectly sweet! did you do them in a mini-muffin tin? i know what you mean about preferring whole egg recipes, but if i happen to have one or two whites leftover, i sneak them into scrambled eggs for weekend breakfast with a couple whole eggs.

  26. Bridget, what else, praytell, do you make that calls for only egg yolks?! I feel as though I could use egg whites all day long and never know what the heck to do with the yolks! I hate to be wasteful too… but I’d be happy to separate my eggs if I knew I’d be using the yolks sometime soon!

  27. bridget says:

    christine – I feel like there are a lot of baking recipes that use more yolks than whites – some cookies and cakes, and of course custards, plus some doughs (like Dorie’s tart dough). I don’t have as many recipes that use more whites than yolks.

  28. these are so cute! they look so pretty!

  29. These are adorable, perfect for having a party! I’ll try them sometime 🙂

  30. Ingenious!!! These are the most delightful things I’ve seen today! What a great use of mini muffin pans…… and the single strawberry is wondeful! Egg whites – I”m the one with 73 whites (average) at a time in my freezer. I make batches of swiss meringue buttercream to use up some.. let’s see… macaroons don’t use up too many… egg white omelettes? 🙂

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