lots of ways banana cake

Dorie calls this a cake, and I was determined to make it a cake and not bread. I baked it in a flat square with the intention of cutting the square in half to make a layered rectangular cake filled with frosting. Much later I realized that I’d confused the issue by forming a perfectly bread-shaped cake. Oops.

Not only that, but I don’t love the brown sugar swiss meringue buttercream I used. I think I would have enjoyed this more without the frosting, as something more similar to, well, banana bread. Oops.

Or you know what sounds really good, is mixing chocolate chips into the batter and then topping the cake (we’re back to cake and away from bread again) with chocolate ganache. Except I didn’t have any chocolate. Oops.

I’m sure there are lots of ways I could love this cake (or bread), and Kimberly, who chose the recipe for Tuesdays with Dorie, has the original – a rum and coconut version – posted.

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  1. If nothing else it’s beautiful! Love how you adorned it with banana slices!

  2. Oh, this looks amazing! I love the banana coin decorating. 🙂 Have you heard of banana soft-serve? If you freeze coins of bananas, and then blend it up, you get a really ice-cream like texture. Maybe if you slathered it on the cake and refroze it, it would be like ice cream cake! 😀


  3. Sorry about your buttercream, but it looks AMAZING!

  4. This looks delicious AND beautiful! mmmm!

  5. It sure does look really good!

  6. Oh chocolate mixed in to the cake does sound fantastic! Maybe I will do that next time too…

  7. I also love the decoration with the banana slices! I remember I made this once and had to substitute ingredients for ones I didn’t have, but the recipe was very forgiving. It is a lot like banana bread, though.

  8. that looks like no banana bread i’ve ever seen! yum!

  9. The presentation of this banana bread/cake/loveliness is beautiful. Definitely looks more like a cake than a bread although it may have tasted more like a bread than a cake. It’s so difficult to make banana anything and not have it be banana bread! I love your idea of chocolate chips and ganache though. That could be the kicker!

  10. Linda says:

    I once had banana cake with chocolate frosting with mini chocolate chips in it. It was wonderful because I love chocolate with bananas. I loved it when I made it too. Maybe a chocolate frosting would work with this cake/bread.

  11. it’s cute–and totally looks like cake when you cut into it!

  12. With all the frosting, it can’t possibly be called bread!!

  13. I think your cake looks gorgeous! Sorry you didn’t like the buttercream. I recently made a caramel swiss meringue buttercream that took a LOT of time and effort and I didn’t like it! So I know how you feel there.

  14. This looks gorgeous!! I think cream-cheese frosting is a great way to go with banana cake since some people spread it onto slices of Banana bread anyway..~

  15. hmm delicious 🙂