coffee break muffins

I wasn’t in the mood for these the day I made them. What I was in the mood for was the Chocolate Chunk Muffins a couple pages later. If you’ve flipped through Dorie’s book, you must have seen the ones I’m talking about – dark, rich muffins studded with big chunks of bittersweet chocolate. They’re not breakfast, but I bet they’re delicious.

They are, however, not this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe. This week’s recipe is espresso muffins. But I got to thinking about how coffee enhances the flavor of chocolate and wondered if the reverse were true. Could I add just a bit of chocolate to give these another flavor dimension?

I replaced a quarter of the flour with cocoa powder, and, to just a few of the muffins, stirred in some chopped semisweet chocolate. And I was surprised that these ended up tasting just how I’d imagined the double chocolate muffins I’d been craving in the first place. The espresso flavor was timid, hiding behind the dominant chocolate. More chocolate flavor isn’t going to get any arguments from me, but now I’m curious about how the non-chocolate, pure espresso version would be. Next time I’ll have to try harder to resist my urge to eat chocolate for breakfast.

Rhiani chose these muffins, and she has the recipe posted. I replaced ½ cup of the flour with cocoa and added a few chocolate chips.

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  1. I can safely say that the coffee version is awesome. But yours – I bet it’d be pretty awesome crumbled over ice cream. Not breakfast, sure, but still tasty 🙂

  2. These would definitely be beautiful crumbled over a lovely coffee smoothie. Or cookie dough ice cream. 😀

  3. oh yum. I now want a chocolate muffin!
    I made mine into coffee cake with chopped chocolate bars on top! Tia @ Buttercreambarbie

  4. those look decadent and delicious!

  5. What? These look AMAZING!! I made mine chocolate, too, but not this chocolate. I should have!

  6. I LOOOVE chocolate!! I just made double chocolate chunk cookies and came across your post… these look like the exact same thing, but in a muffin form- even better!! Great post 🙂

  7. These muffin definitely benefited from a little (or a lot ) of chocolate.

  8. Your muffins look divine!! Chocolate for breakfast is ALWAYS a good thing =)

  9. These look fantastic, you can never go wrong with more chocolate 🙂

  10. wow!! these look deep, dark and rich! absolutely decadent! i’ll have to swap maybe 1/8 cup for cocoa powder to taste but not overwhelm the coffee. yum!

  11. My husband would have been pounding down your door for those chocolately morsels!! They look and dark..just like my man..ha ha..:) I couldn’t resist:)

  12. My husband needs his coffee in the morning, but he also loves a good muffin. I’ll definitely be trying these for him soon! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I dislike coffee for the most part and am not into things coffee-flavored, so I think I would have preferred yours! 1/4 of the flour seems like a lot for the cocoa powder, but these are particularly dark and chocolatey. 2 questions. 1–did you use a specific type of cocoa powder or is just generic or Hershey’s fine? and 2. were these more like a mix between a brownie and muffin or were they more like a muffin?

  14. bridget says:

    Jen – I used Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa. The texture was more like a muffin.

  15. Chocolate is good any time of day! These look yummy. 🙂

  16. Ooh more chocolate is always a good thing. The muffins look wonderful!

  17. Whoa! These look sinfully good.

  18. Nice muffins! Chocolate, dark and so smooth!

  19. These look delicious. I love playing around with a recipe to try something different!

  20. Two words: Gourmet & Glorious.

  21. Grêdja says:

    where I can find this recipe?!?!

  22. bridget says:

    Grêdja – I added a link to the last paragraph.