lemon poppy seed muffins

In winter, when berries and melons aren’t even on the horizon and you’ve had all you can take of apples and pears, it’s all about citrus. What’s more, the bright flavors and colors of citrus mimic the sunshine we’re missing.

Well, the sunshine you’re missing. Here in southern New Mexico, it was 80 degrees yesterday, and I used some of that winter citrus for something quintessentially summery – a margarita.

But the occasional warm day in January doesn’t mean we have fresh-picked strawberries and peaches for sale, so lemons are still a good bet for muffins, not to mention that it’s one of my favorite flavors. Combined with the crunch of poppy seeds, these little treats will be perfect any time of the year – but maybe not as an accompaniment to that margarita.

Betsy chose this for Tuesdays with Dorie, and she has the recipe posted. I doubled the salt (as usual).  I also skipped the glaze (because frosting on muffins = cupcakes).  Instead, I brought a mixture of lemon juice and granulated sugar to a simmer, then brushed that on the warm muffins.

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  1. They look very good, wasn’t this recipe amazing!

  2. Kärt says:

    Oh man, lemon-poppy seed muffins are my favorite! I topped them with sugar glaze too, they were to die for.

  3. Your muffins look perfect! And your photos are so sunny! Almost makes me forget that it’s “wintery mix-ing” outside 🙂

  4. Great photos – your muffins are beautiful! 🙂

  5. Looks great! Although it’s not freezing in So Cal, I’m jealous of 80 degree weather!

  6. They look so inviting.

  7. Very cute muffins! I was craving lemony flavors just yesterday, too. I’m excited to see there is more daylight – spring is coming!

  8. Elizabeth S. says:

    I just made these and they are splendid! However, I substituted the sugar with sucanat, the eggs with whites, the butter with applesauce because my husband is a health-fanatic. Still, this recipe is definitely a keeper. 🙂

  9. Your muffins look perfect! They sound delicious even though I envy your 80 degree weather!

  10. These look amazing! Would it be totally wrong to omit the poppyseeds from the recipe?

  11. bridget says:

    katie – I suppose if you don’t like or can’t find poppy seeds, a plain lemon muffin would be just fine.

  12. I’m jealous of your 80 degree day. Yesterday we got 4 inches of snow, followed by freezing rain. It was awesome – ha. These muffins do look great and I love poppy seeds!

  13. you mean i ate cupcakes for breakfast? shoot–i try not to do that! these are cute, and you’re right, very sunny.

  14. Your weather sounds lovely, much nicer than it is here in the Snow Belt – and these muffins look delish! Lemon poppyseed is so homey to me, for some reason.

  15. Your pictures are amazing. The muffins look great too. Thanks for baking with me this week!

  16. I swear I’m not a creeper, but…I bookmarked the lemon poppyseed muffins you made in March ’08 a long time ago. Which recipe do you like better? Think for a casual, but somewhat healthy, midmorning snack for a group of women. Thanks, your recipes are always so spot on that it’s rough to have a choice!

  17. Hiiii Bridget , am so happy to find ur blog when cooking for a white cake recipe!
    Fantastic study there!
    That said i took a nice walk along and read ur about page and more , super cute, u and ur writing too!
    Ur bakes are wonderful too and though i love to cook as well , and i do , i post more of my baking than cooking:-)
    I lovee that set up u made for the pics by the kitchen window , and the window is jus right for the light to stream in beautifully!!
    So happy to meet ya , wonderful day!

  18. Bridget, these were absolutely delicious! I made 12 of them at 8pm last night and as of right now (2pm the next day) we have 3 remaining. Did I mention that we are only 2 people!
    Thanks for another great recipe :)!