great grains muffins

These muffins tasted wonderfully buttery, which was not what I was expecting based on the recipe’s title. There is some whole wheat flour, oatmeal, and cornmeal in there, and based on the nutritious aspects of those whole grains, I considered reducing the butter to make a muffin that was actually on the healthful side.

I’m glad I didn’t. Healthy is good too, but sometimes, you just want a muffin that’s light, fluffy, slightly crisp at the edges, studded with tart dried currants, and best of all – buttery.

Christine chose these for Tuesdays with Dorie, and she has the recipe posted. I doubled the salt and added currants instead of prunes.

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  1. nic says:

    great testimony for these muffins!

  2. Jill says:

    Well said! I totally agree and thought these were surprisingly good. I opted for cranberries and pistachios but the possibilities are endless. Yours look delicious.

  3. Mary says:

    I am having trouble focusing on the delicious muffins because the vintage napkin is so beautiful!

  4. Amber Marie says:

    These look lovely! Currants inside sound great.

  5. Jodie says:

    Yours look great. Mine tasted like corn bread, not ideal. Guess I needed something to jazz them up! :)

  6. Michelle says:

    They look great. I love the pictures! I loved this recipe and added chocolate chps to mine!! I like it cus you can tweek it just about any way you want!!

  7. these were full of flavor (thank you butter). we liked them, too.

  8. Branny says:

    I am really enjoying your photography lately. It is very good and very different from what I see plaguing most blogs. I definitely sense a spark of originality with your pictures.

  9. Karen says:

    Beautiful photos of these muffins. Glad you didn’t reduce the butter. I wonder how they would have tasted without it.

  10. These muffins look great! I love Dorie’s recipes. :)

  11. rachel says:

    i’m with you–i thought about doing a healthier version too but was glad i didn’t! these were perfect just as they were. and i love those cute napkins!

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