tourtely apple tart

Sometimes I think I can multitask, but I am wrong. While Dave and I were having an interesting conversation about our almost-teenaged nephew gaining independence and confidence, I was jotting down the ingredients for the tart crust. (I don’t bring cookbooks into the kitchen; I don’t want them getting dirty.) I was also congratulating myself on how I was paying attention to the conversation and making insightful responses – although Dave might disagree – while getting a cooking task done.

Nope. I messed it up. I wrote down the version without nuts, even though I had specifically bought walnuts because I thought they’d complement the apples nicely.

So perhaps I didn’t make quite the dessert I was meant to.  In the end, I liked the filling just fine, but the crust wasn’t the right match for it.  It was too simple, too sugary, too cookie-like.  I suspect some bitter earthy walnuts was just the flavor I was craving.  And I suspect this is a lesson I’m going to have to learn over and over again before it sticks.

Jeannette chose this apple tart pie thing for Tuesdays with Dorie, and she has the recipe posted.  I tweaked a bunch of little things with the filling, but nothing crucial.

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  1. Oh sweetness! How cute is that little cutie:) If you didn’t tell me you messed up , I would have never guessed so!

  2. I loved the cookie-like crust! My husband kept calling it cookie dough. I made minis too, plus I used pears. I really loved this tart!

  3. AWWWW it is too cute for words!

  4. The cookie-like crust looks amazing to me!

  5. What a cute little tart! Bummer you forgot the walnuts… I sometimes do that when I try to multi-task.

  6. That a cute little tart. Sounds delicious!

  7. even though you forgot the walnuts this sure looks awesome! love how cute and perfect looking it is!

  8. So cute…looks yummy!

  9. Cute little tart.