marbled loaf cake

Although I’ve been running regularly since high school, I’m starting to realize that I’m not particularly good at it. I don’t mean that I’m falling over or anything; I’m not that bad!  I’m just kind of slow. And I know if I try hard enough, I’ll get faster. But I think I’m slow for how much I run and long I’ve been doing it.

I’m trying to come to terms with this. After all, I’m still running.  And I ran my longest distance this weekend, and I’m proud of that. And I don’t much care that running 6.2 miles only burns 400-500 calories; I deserved cake. At least 400-500 calories worth, if not more.

Or cake batter, at least, and you know that’s what I really wanted anyway. As cake batter goes, this pretty much hit the spot. Plus it was fun to get so much variety – first vanilla before I divided the batter and added flavorings, then chocolate, then coffee. Then I mixed a bit of coffee and chocolate together. I think it’s safe to say that I crossed that 500 calorie mark, and in a lot less time than it took me to burn it off.

I’m glad I filled up on batter, because the few nibbles I had of the cake were on the dry side. It’s possible I overbaked it, or maybe my substitution of almond milk + half-and-half for the whole milk I was out of wasn’t quite right. I’ll be interested to see what everyone else thought of this cake, and I’ll start with Carol, who chose it for Tuesdays with Dorie and has the recipe posted.

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  1. I agree, this was some of the best cake batter I’ve eaten (I’ve eaten quite a lot in my 40 years of baking)! I think the baking time was tricky. But slightly dry cake goes well with whipped cream.
    Your ‘marble’ looks great.

  2. I’m usually a lurker, but I have to chime in here. From one not-very-good runner to another, high five! (I do it because it’s enjoyable, relatively inexpensive, and stress-reducing exercise, and I think that’s perfectly fine.)

    Oh, and the cake/batter look tasty too 😉

  3. Of all the versions that I saw on TWD, yours is by far the best looking. It is neat and the marble effect shines through. Well done.

  4. Another fan of th cake batter here! Pretty pictures!

  5. No worries! Keep up the running and it’ll get even better 🙂

    Love the loaf! The swirl/marbled look is mesmerizing.

  6. Yum, I bet this would be great used in a tarimisu type dessert! Looks so pretty!

  7. I am so glad this was posted today. When you mentioned yesterday you were snacking on this, I was hoping it was a TWD recipe and I’d see it up on your blog. I think I’m going to make it, maybe using sour cream or plain yogurt.

  8. My stance has always been ‘who cares if you’re running slowly, as long as you’re doing something?’

    And yum-yum-yum, I need to learn to make marble cakes, these pictures are making me hungry!

  9. That looks so good! I couldn’t even run a mile, so 6 miles sounds fabulous.

    I used 1% in my cake and it wasn’t dry. My oven is running a bit strange so maybe my temperature was too low and didn’t bake it so much.

  10. Beautiful marbling! I think any race finish deserves cake, no matter how many calories it burned

  11. This looks beautiful! Almost too beautiful to eat…almost, I said 🙂

  12. That marbling is gorgeous, Bridget! 🙂

  13. This is so the way I run/reward myself! Long runs, no matter how slow, are a great excuse for treats! And this one looks divine…

  14. This is such a nice looking loaf you baked.

  15. Gorgeous marbling on your cake – it looks incredible. And I’m proud of you for running at all, slow or not – I can barely hack Week 2 of Couch to 5K!

  16. You marbling is simply beautiful. And I agree that the cake was a little dry, but a little chocolate syrup and ice cream solved that problem for me. Thanks for baking with me this week. — Carol

  17. Keep up the running! I love to run too! Your cake looks incredible..the marbling is perfect! Mine does not look near that good:)

  18. Wow. I really love your blog. Especially the previous recipe – I am obsessed with onion jam – can’t wait to try yours!

  19. The batter is really what it’s all about.

  20. Which is why i drizzpled mine. It was a little on the dry side. Overbaked probably. But still good. ANd the Batter was GOOD.

    Pretty Loaf.

  21. Wow this is so pretty and looks delicious 🙂 I’ll definitely be making this soon!

  22. It’s a beautiful cake – its a shame it was a bit dry.
    I totally relate on the running – when I trained for a 1/2 marathon I actually GAINED weight because I overcompensated for my calorie burn by eating EVERYTHING in sight….hehe.

  23. this looks great!

  24. Yeah, I pulled mine early in case of dry-ness. But seriously, coffee makes EVERYTHING better. And in your defense, what I think is ridiculous is when people say they’re not truly “runners” because they don’t run fast enough. Bullshit – if you can pound out a 10K, you’re a runner. Doesn’t matter how fast you do it. (And the other thing is that some people do different distances better than others – I’m a quarter-miler. Anything longer than 5-6 miles and I get angry about the whole running business.)

  25. The marbling on this is awesome…..sorry it turned out a bit dry.

  26. Oh Bridget. That batter. I’d probably eat it all just like that. Gorgeous 🙂

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