chocolate sorbet

chocolate sorbet 3

My feelings toward cookie dough are well documented. In short, I like it a lot. It isn’t just cookie dough either; it’s anything made in the mixer and not in its final form, which means that also includes frosting and all manner of batters.

chocolate sorbet 1

But somehow, on Saturday, I made muffins, snickerdoodle dough, frosting, and chocolate sorbet without overeating even a little. I was some kind of self-control expert!  So I was extra surprised on Sunday when I ate enough chocolate sorbet to put me over that edge of too much. Chocolate sorbet? Who knew?

It snuck up on me, I think, because chocolate sorbet seems like it should be so rich and indulgent, but it’s also refreshing and light. It’s easy to justify one more little scoop, because there’s no butter or cream. It’s just sugar and milk, and heck, chocolate – everyone knows chocolate is good for you. There’s no need for self-control!  Except for all the sugar, of course, not to mention the fat in the chocolate.  Healthwise, though, it could be a lot worse – it could be cookie dough.

chocolate sorbet 5

Steph chose this for Tuesdays with Dorie; she has the recipe posted. Other than adding a pinch of salt and a dribble of vanilla, I followed it as written, but my sorbet is definitely grainy. Maybe I should have whisked more or even given it a whirr in the blender.

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chocolate sorbet 4


  1. Mixing bowl self control is awesome. I would have a hard time staying away from this sorbet too. Perfect refreshing treat for these hot summer days

  2. This looks to-die-for!

  3. I love these photos Bridget! Absolutely beautiful. I’ve been wanting to make chocolate sorbet for a long time and I think you just pushed me over the edge.

  4. I started with the summer fruit galette in TWD! My sorbet was a bit grainy too like the chocolate didn’t fully melt or something, although it had to have melted with the boiling temp, right? Anyway, loved the taste. Yours looks better than mine!!!

  5. This looks incredible! Wow, what a way to loose control! This would be a wonderful duo for the Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt that I posted today!!

  6. Beautiful photos. Looks like a perfect bowl of sorbet! 🙂

  7. I had NO self control whatsoever when it came to this sorbet! THankfully I had people over for dinner last night so most of it is gone now but I’m sure the leftovers will be calling my name come tonight…

  8. i wonder why the graininess…weird. on the other hand yours did firm up very nicely. thanks for making it with me…and btw, i ate a huge amount of cookie dough at work today!

  9. Love the frosted glass. Makes the sorbet look even more inviting.

  10. I’ve been looking for a chocolate ice cream without eggs. This just might be it! Gonna have to give it a try.

  11. I found your blog today and immediately subscribed to it! Love it!

    I just got an ice cream maker, and my first attempt was chocolate sorbet – mine turned out grainy too! I was a bit disappointed… if you find out for sure what went wrong, please post about it, ok?

    Nice to “meet” you!