sour cream pumpkin tart

sour cream pumpkin tart 5

My brother majorly stuck his foot in his mouth a couple Christmases ago. He lives in the same part of the country as most of my relatives and had spent Thanksgiving with them; then he and my aunt and grandmother all visited for Christmas. As my aunt was mixing up the pumpkin pie, my brother recalled the apparently horrible (“completely tasteless”, I believe, were his words) pumpkin pie from their Thanksgiving festivities. “Who made that anyway”, he wondered?

sour cream pumpkin tart 1

You know where this is going, right? Yes, my aunt had made the pie. And she was right there during this conversation, making more pumpkin pie. And it must have affected her confidence, because she forgot to add the sugar.

sour cream pumpkin tart 2
(extra batter)

Fortunately, this pie was anything but completely tasteless. The spices were in perfect balance and it was just the right level of sweetness. I hope that my brother would approve – and that if he didn’t, he’d keep his mouth shut about it.

sour cream pumpkin tart 3

Judy chose this pie (or tart) for Tuesdays with Dorie, and she has the recipe posted. I exchanged the sour cream for 2% Greek yogurt, because I don’t often buy sour cream.

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sour cream pumpkin tart 4


  1. Awww awkward foot-in-mouth situations…so fun.

    I love the way you piped the whipped cream. I’m not sure how I’d feel about this since I don’t like the texture of pumpkin pie, but it looks so much nicer than standard pie does!

  2. fitzie says:

    When I was about 10 yrs old my mother let me make the filling for the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. Unfortunately, I reversed the amounts for the sugar and the flour. You can imagine what that pie tasted like. Everytime I make a pumpkin pie now, I think of that. Fortunately I haven’t made the same mistake twice

  3. Hi Bridget! I made this a few weeks ago and agree with you – excellent flavor 🙂 I also had a ton of extra batter left – did you simply put yours in cupcake liners and bake them? How did that work out? Did you also use pie dough in the little cupcakes?

  4. bridget says:

    anna maria – I did just pour the extra batter into silicone muffin cups. I didn’t line them with pie dough, so it’s more like cups of pumpkin custard. Still good though!

  5. Looks delicious, and I like the touch of the non-traditional crust … did you use a springform pan?

  6. bridget says:

    Madeleine – Yes, I did use a springform pan. My tart pan was MIA! I like the look of the straight sides from the springform too, although it’s a little harder to get the edges to be the same height.