cherry-cherry bread pudding

Seasonal fruit – I like it. I eat the strawberries in the spring and the blueberries in the summer and the apples in the fall and the apples, still, in the winter. I do not eat the apples in the spring. And apparently I shouldn’t eat the cherries in the spring either, because these were the most terrible, tasteless, watery cherries I’ve ever had.

I was vaguely hoping that baking them would concentrate their flavor enough so that they, you know, had some, but no, that just gave me cooked terrible cherries. Poor bread pudding, ruined by bad cherries. I guess I should have gone for the apples after all.

Now the bread pudding part, that I certainly enjoyed. It’s bread, it’s custard – it’s French toast! I’ll make it with the apples in the fall to enjoy this recipe in all its glory.

Elizabeth chose this recipe for Tuesdays with Dorie, and she has it posted. I used 1 cup (terrible!) cherries, pitted and halved, in place of the caramelized apples, cherry jam instead of apple butter, and all whole milk rather than a mixture of milk and heavy cream. And I forgot to add a dash of salt to the custard, which I regretted.

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  1. 🙁 Sometimes, you can have the best recipe, but if the ingredients aren’t good, then… meh. I guess that’s why part of being an excellent professional chef is knowing your seasonal produce? 🙂


  2. That reminds me of the time I ordered “in-season apples” and got 9 pounds of Red Delicious apples. They were red, at least. I used some for an apple crisp, possibly the best topping I have made, and every “Mmmm crisp…” bite was punctuated with, “…on crappy apples. Eww.”

    I will stay tuned for your apple incarnation of this one!

  3. What a shame! The fresh cherries were so beautiful. I bet it will be perfect in a few months with summer cherries. The flavor combination sounds wonderful!

  4. Too bad about the cherries 🙁 This recipe still LOOKS amazing though!

  5. oh that is sad. disappointing, but do try again in the fall with new apples!

  6. mmm cherries…we still don’t have em yet around here… jealouis!

  7. Oh noooo 🙁 They look gorgeous, how can they betray you so??! (I wonder if I would have liked them, me being cherry-deprived and all.)