fold-over pear torte

You didn’t think I’d miss a week of Tuesdays with Dorie, did you? I’ve been in the group for two and a half years, haven’t missed a week yet, and don’t plan to start now. Being late is, of course, a different story. Being late is what I do.

Although if I’d realized how involved this recipe was, I might have procrastinated enough to be even later – pie crust, peeled and chopped fruit, and a custard that involves a mixer. Having overzealously planned my weekend cooking (as always), I jumped in, rushed, without looking at the recipe, with the kitchen counters covered in dinner dishes.

My measurements were imprecise, my rolling was sloppy. While the tart baked, I shaped over-risen bagel dough, realizing too late that the tart and the bagels needed the same oven at the same time but at very different temperatures. The bagels won and the tart (torte?) was under-browned.

But good nonetheless. Pears and rummy custard and dough are such a great combination. Even if it was a lot of steps. It’s worth it to keep my unbroken record of not skipping a week (although not necessarily being on time).

Cakelaw chose this for TWD and has the recipe posted.

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  1. Oh, god, that looks amazing. I’m thinking I need to make a pear torte one of these days…

  2. Better late than never! I hate when that happens that you have multiples things that need to be in the oven at the same time.

  3. I am impressed you’ve never missed a week! I’ve been baking with the group for about the same amount of time as you and while I try not to miss, I’ve definitely had a few weeks where I just didn’t feel like it.

    I’m always telling my husband we need two ovens for situations just like the one you describe. So far he’s not buying it.

  4. You’ve never missed a week? Wow, I’m in a monthly group, and I still manage to miss a lot of them!!