chocolate madeleines

These madeleines made me crave chocolate mousse. If you aren’t a batter eater, you probably don’t know what I’m talking about. You wouldn’t know how chocolately and fluffy and rich this batter was.  And if you aren’t a batter eater, I’m jealous, truly. I’d be a size smaller if I didn’t love cookie dough.

But I’m glad they were baked, because it gave me a chance to finally use the madeleine pan I got for Christmas – two years ago. I do feel silly having a pan I’ve never used for so long, but at least it’s easy to store and relatively cheap.  And honestly, seeing it in the cabinet every time I reached for my mini-muffin pan has made me happy.

And now I’m using it. For chocolate! You just can’t go wrong with little clam-shaped chocolate cakes, and dipping them in ganache is even better. Probably I should use the pan again a little sooner than two years from now. But first I need to make chocolate mousse.

Margo chose this recipe for Tuesdays with Dorie, and she has it posted on her site. I halved the recipe (and ate about 2 madeleines worth of batter).  I “filled” the madeleines with strained cherry jam instead of marshmallow fluff; however, I found that the amount of jam I was able to stuff into each little cake was negligible.

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  1. I’m a batter eater too! That’s the best part of baking cookies for my kids. These do look good! Did you say chocolate mousse? Oh my goodness…

  2. Can’t go wrong with beautiful chocolate cookies dipped in chocolate. These look wonderful!

  3. I have to admit that I bake a lot but never made Madeleines or eaten it. That looks really good.

  4. WOW! I just saw this post and immediately sent it to my most sugar-addicted friends. These look AMAZING! I may need to invest in a madeline pan…

  5. lol! I licked the beater on these. The batter was yummy. Your cookies look great!

  6. Just beautiful madeleines. I like the filling idea. I am a batter eater too. Sometimes I think I make things just to test the batter.

  7. How can someone NOT be a batter eater?

    These look fantastic!

  8. I love batter but my hubs won’t touch it! Your madelines look perfect! 🙂

  9. Lovely madeleines! My husband just learned his “batter eater” lesson – you announce that you’re going to stick your hand in the mixer bowl while I’m scooping dough. Otherwise, it can be dangerous 🙂

  10. I love madeleines! I need to get a madeleine pan to try the honey lavender recipe in ‘around my french table’. People who don’t eat batter don’t know what they’re missing! I still don’t know how I’ve never gotten salmonella poisoning……((((knocks on wood))))

  11. I would definitely be a smaller size if I didn’t like batter and dough. And another size if I didn’t love chocolate so much. But what can you do…

  12. Could you use this pan for muffin batter? Madeleine muffins.

  13. bridget says:

    et – I don’t see why not! If you try it, let me know!