honey nut brownies

I was going to focus on how weird these brownies are, but instead I’m going to talk about how weird Dave is.

He doesn’t like brownies. He isn’t really into desserts in general, but brownies in particular just don’t do it for him. They’re too chocolately, he says. So I suspected that he would like these, and I was right. Better than the average brownie, he says.

While I think he’s nuts, I do see what these brownies have going for them. They don’t taste like chocolate, but I do think the bitterness from the chocolate is crucial to balance the sweetness of the honey.

Maybe they shouldn’t be called brownies. The flavor is mostly honey, and the texture is fluffy moist cake, not dense chewy brownie. Or maybe it’s just a brownie for brownie-haters.

Suzy chose this for Tuesdays with Dorie and has the recipe posted. I followed the recipe exactly (including the rather generous, for a Dorie recipe, amount of salt) because I was so curious about the outcome. Dave recommends adding bits of candied ginger to the batter, and I agree that the bite of ginger would offer another contrast to the sweet floral honey.

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  1. Very cool – I’ve been looking for a honey-based brownie recipe for months, and have dreams of adding slivered almonds to it. I wonder if substituting brown sugar for the white, or even for a bit of the honey, would make these more dense. Either way, they sound like they are delicious.

  2. “a brownie for brownie haters” LOL – I’ll give these a try, my kids are weird with brownies…but love honey! They sound interesting, for sure!

  3. First he thinks we’re all rapists, and now he’s a brownie hater? Hmm… I’m kicking myself though – that idea of adding in some crystallized ginger sounds killer!

  4. HA your first sentence is priceless!!

    These sound delicious 🙂

  5. My husband eats pretty much anything I make, which can be a big ego boost! I love honey but I wasn’t sure about these. I wanted to like them but the flavor was a little strange for some reason. It looks great as a loaf cake!

  6. I can’t fathom anyone hating brownies.
    You could think of them as blondies with chocolate 🙂 They look wonderful!

  7. I love a good, rich, and chewy brownie. These were just okay for me, but I am happy to hear they were a hit for you. They look incredible in your pics!

  8. Interesting, my husband does not love brownies and he liked these! Yours look great.

  9. I love your little brownie loaf! My bf doesn’t eat many of the sweets that I make, with the exception of brownies. So, I have just the opposite problem. 🙂

  10. Dave is weird! I’m not sure if I’d like this since I love brownies so much…

  11. looks like chocolate cake 🙂

  12. The addition of honey sounds delicious. We were gifted a jar of ginger honey…. might just be the perfect cover-up for my non-brownie-eating spouse! Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Yes. Definitely change the name. Doesn’t taste like chocolate and not fudgey? Not a brownie. Doesn’t like dessert? Change the husband. Kidding. That just means more dessert for you! He’s a keeper 🙂

  14. Dave is weird. These bars are not. Might call them Honeys though…they sound delicious!

  15. My husband is a self proclaimed chocoholic and a self proclaimed browner hater.
    I don’t think he’d like these brownies. But I would! And kudos to Dave for his astute recommendation of candied ginger.

  16. Wow I wish I didn’t like desserts! Your brownies look great. I like the idea Dave had for the candied ginger!

  17. dave’s ginger idea is a good one. and i like how you baked it into a nice loaf for slicing.

  18. ha my husband’s not a big brownie fan either. i call him crazy.

    and this is such an intriguing recipe–I’ve seen it in Dorie’s book so I was glad when TWD chose to make it so I could get some feedback 🙂