oatmeal nutmeg scones

For most of my life, I didn’t think much of nutmeg. It was just one member of the pumpkin pie consortium, of which only cinnamon could stand on its own, as far as I knew. The rest were generically fall-flavored. It wasn’t until I met Dave, professed nutmeg lover, that I started considering nutmeg as its own entity.

Now I think of nutmeg as warm, cozy, complex. (Or maybe the association I have between nutmeg and Dave has caused me to describe my husband instead of the seasoning?) Its spice adds richness to any dish, sweet or savory, and has become one of my favorite flavors.

Oatmeal reminds me of Dave too, as it was his staple breakfast – no sugar, no salt – when he lived alone. (It was bland, mushy, gross, but these aren’t words I associate with my husband.) I may not need complex, cozy scents to make me warm out here the desert, but I certainly won’t turn down a nutmeg oatmeal scone. You can bet Dave wouldn’t either.

Patricia chose these for Tuesdays for Dorie, and she will have the recipe posted. I didn’t make any changes.

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  1. Gorgeous!

  2. very sweet post!

  3. Seems to be delicious!

  4. your rounds look perfect.nice pix too

  5. They look great! I loved this recipe and will make it again..next time I’ll remember the glaze I wanted to drizzle over:)

  6. I love scones and these look fantastic. I can’t wait to try them – I’m sure they smell quite amazing as they bake with the nutmeg! Thanks, Chris

  7. i never ate nutmeg growing up because my mom hates it but i love baking with it now! your scones look great!

  8. I love fall baking so much that I basically just use those flavors year ’round. I love the round scones, they look so proper. Mine didn’t keep their shape that well but they taste good. I made mine with dried apples.

  9. These look fantastic! Thank you for the links!

  10. Nutmeg is the little black dress of spices…it works with anything. Or something like that. Your little round scones are perfect and look delicious.

  11. I love nutmeg! These look delish!