cocoa almond meringues

almond cocoa meringues 3

Sometimes I ignore the rules of baking, and other times I over-follow them. For example, when I see DO NOT OVERMIX in big bold capital letters, I will overcompensate, undermix, and bake clumps of raw flour into my genoise cake. On the other hand, if it’s raining and I decide I want to make meringues, I will make meringues, despite knowing that you’re not supposed to make meringues when it’s humid.

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That first meringue cookies I made, years ago, while it was raining, were sticky and heavy and not good at all. Now I live in the desert in the middle of a drought. Humidity isn’t so much an issue.

almond cocoa meringues 2

Because this was only my second attempt at meringue cookies and the first was a bust, I’m not sure how they’re supposed to be. The outside of the cookies is crisp and light and shatters into tiny pieces when you bite into it. The inside was chewy. Is this because I didn’t follow the rules and opened the oven halfway through baking? Or did I, heaven forbid, OVERMIX? Or is this how they’re supposed to be?

almond cocoa meringues 5

Either way, it turns out that I like meringue cookies, especially meringue cookies that have cocoa and chocolate chips in them. And other than cracking open the oven door to sneak in the crème brulee I made with the egg yolk leftover after making meringues, I made the exact recipe – which can be found on Mike’s blog, as he chose this for Tuesdays with Dorie.

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  1. I LOVE meringues- the texture is awesome. I’ve attempted meringues once or twice and just can’t seem to get it down. I’ll have to wait now until the fall when the humidity is gone to try again!

  2. I think your cookies turned out just perfect.

  3. They look great! I had to pass cus we were in DC….

  4. I worry a lot about over/under-mixing and I’m never quite sure. I think I did ok with these. Mine were crisp on the outside and just slightly chewy in the center. These were a big hit in my household.

  5. those look great! i think there are two schools of thought with meringues…totally crisp all the way through, or crispy on the outside and marshmallowy-chewy on the inside. i think dorie said in her into that these are supposed to be chewy inside, so yours sound perfect.

  6. I have recently just discovered how easy it is to make meringue cookies and well really, meringue in general. I love the contrasting textures of the chewy middle and super crispy outside. Yours look awesome!!!

  7. Great looking cookies. Utah the state with 0 humidity decided to have a monsoon or something this week. So humidity was way up there, like chicago. I attempted them anyway, and they were delicious. Having never made meringues I didn’t know what to expect but I’m happy. Now on to the creme brulee–I do know what that tastes like!
    Have a great week.

  8. Meringues and humidity don’t mix. Did not know that. Thought it was just divinity that gooed up when it was damp. That being said… it was humid here and they came out just fine.

    those look good.