golden brioche loaves

brioche 6

Saturday I had a cooking extravaganza. I chose five fun recipes and spaced out the eating and the cooking over the course of the evening. I spent hours in the kitchen, and I had a great time.

brioche 3

I spent most of Sunday in the kitchen as well, but it wasn’t planned, so it wasn’t as fun. Plus, I made bread dough for three types of bread, but one (completely delicious) grilled pita was the only bread I ate all day. It’s a good reminder that the best part of cooking is eating.

brioche 4

Of course it’s worth it in the end. I was thankful for the Sunday’s batch of bagels at work Monday morning, and I was grateful for the brioche on Tuesday. My coworkers were particularly grateful for the brioche. Who can say no to bread that’s this flakey, and most importantly, buttery?

brioche 9

Margie chose brioche for Tuesdays with Dorie, and she has the recipe posted. Despite Dorie’s recommendation that the full recipe (enough for two loaves) of dough be made at once, I was able to make only half the recipe with no problems. For tiny brioches baked in a mini muffin pan, I divided the half recipe into 36 portions and baked them at 450 degrees for 12 minutes.

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brioche 7


  1. Avi D says:

    Adorable little brioches! Do you think the recipe could be veganized if you replaced the eggs with Ener-G and the butter with vegan margarine?

  2. bridget says:

    Avi D – I’m sorry, I have no experience with vegan baking, so I can’t answer your question!

  3. Chloe says:

    Since the recipe calls for 3 eggs I was wondering how you made half the recipe…..I’m always nervous making half of a recipe that calls for an uneven number of eggs! Thanks!!

  4. These are so adorable! I still have never attempted brioche but it sounds so good (and as always, your pictures are fabulous)

  5. bridget says:

    Chloe – Bread recipes are pretty forgiving, so I just broke an egg into a container, whisked it a bit, and dumped a portion (hopefully something close to half) of it into the mixer bowl. I used the other half for the egg wash.

  6. These look beautiful and delicious- great photos! Love the fact they are bite sized!

  7. I’ve just recently been making little forays into the world of bread baking. Brioche was one of the first things I wanted to make but I ended up making pretzel rolls instead.

    Now it’s time for these guys! They’re so cute. I’m thinking sliders. 🙂

  8. Your little brioches look perfect. I ran out of time to make the loaves this week, but I posted the raisin snails and sticky buns that use the same dough. Worth the time and effort.

  9. aww, i love kitchen extravaganzas (planned of course). 🙂 these look so tasty, perfect for fall!

  10. Melissa says:

    Brioche is on my list for fall baking. I used to belong to the TWD group, but life got the better of me. I’m extremely glad I still have the book, though!
    PS. LOVE the new look of your site. 🙂

  11. Bridget, these look great as does your blog design! Thank you for including me in your list of blogs. I feel so honored!

  12. I LOVE the new look! Very nice, Bridget!

  13. These look so cute and yummy! And, your blog redesign looks fantastic!!

  14. These sound awesome and I love the new look!

  15. Help! I tried making these and my dough never firmed up! It was fine until I added the eggs. After I added them, the dough never formed a ball, and then I went on and added the butter (I know, probably should have paused and figured out the egg step…) and mixed it for nearly half an hour and it never “pulled away from the sides of the bowl”! Ahh!

  16. bridget says:

    Tati – You probably just need to add a little more flour, but it’s a really soft dough. It doesn’t get firm until you chill it and the butter solidifies again. I’m sure mine ever pulled away from the sides of the bowl either.