ginger-jazzed brownies

ginger brownies 5

I wasn’t confident in the ginger / chocolate combo, so rather than make a full batch of potentially less-than-perfect brownies to share at work, I made a just a small portion of the recipe and kept them for myself. Granted, my coworkers will eventually eat nearly anything sugary that finds its way into our kitchen (the same day that I brought in dulce de leche cupcakes, someone put a basket of Twinkies out; the cupcakes went faster, but the Twinkies went), but I have my standards, you know.

ginger brownies 1

I needn’t have worried. The ginger flavor was so subtle as to be essentially invisible. I might have been disappointed by that, but I was so pleased to have a mini-batch of deep chocolately and meltingly tender brownies all to myself that I had no reason to complain.

ginger brownies 2

Clivia, who chose these for Tuesdays with Dorie, has the recipe posted. Except for making only a third of it, I followed it exactly. It resulted in a very good regular brownie. However, if you want your brownies to have any ginger kick, you’ll want to increase the ginger; I would double both the ground and fresh ginger.

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  1. Oh cute, you cut them so that they look like the Taza disc :).

  2. These look like something I would definitely love. Chocolate with a hing of ginger…. mmmmmm…..

  3. bridget says:

    Victoria – I hadn’t made that connection before, but good point!

  4. Beautiful, Bridget!

  5. what a darling little brownie cake! i wouldn’t want to share either.

  6. Beautiful little mini brownies! Of course, now I want to make the dulce de leche cupcakes. We bakers are so suggestible.
    Thanks for baking with me this week!

  7. I’ve never had ginger with chocolate so I’d be a bit nervous too. Glad to hear they were tasty.

  8. this sounds like a fun variation on normal brownies 🙂

  9. The chocolate and ginger combo sounds really intriguing. I bookmarked this recipe- thanks! 🙂