grapefruit margaritas

grapefruit margarita 4

If 2010 was the year of the vodka gimlet, 2011 was dedicated to margaritas. It started with these, and then when grapefruits went out of season, we tried strawberry margaritas, pineapple margaritas, classic lime margaritas, and, most recently, cranberry margaritas. I love them all, but nothing holds a candle to the grapefruit version.

grapefruit margarita 2

It’s perfectly balanced – not too sweet, not too sour, not too strong. The light grapefruit mellows any harshness from the lime and alcohol, and the result is perfectly refreshing. As an added bonus, one grapefruit yields enough juice for four drinks – which is just the right amount to split between two people.

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Grapefruit Margaritas (adapted from Confections of a Foodie Bride)

Technically 4 servings, but you’ll be sad if you only get one

Of the many grapefruits I have juiced for margaritas, one grapefruit has always resulted in 4 shots of juice. Two limes will usually give two shots of juice, but not always, so it’s best to buy a third just in case.

As with all things, alcohol quality matters. I’ve used Cointreau, Gran Marnier, Gran Gala, Controy (which can only be purchased in Mexico), and Patron Citronge in these, all with good results. I’ve never used a bargain triple sec. For tequila, I tend to buy whatever is on sale in the $20-25 range.

2 shots lime juice
4 shots grapefruit juice
3 shots orange liqueur
3 shots tequila

In a pitcher or 4-cup measuring cup, mix all of the ingredients. Pour over crushed ice in individual glasses; serve immediately.

grapefruit margarita 5


  1. Yum, this sounds SO refreshing that I want one now….

  2. I’m not a big fan of grapefruit, but I do love a good margarita.

  3. As luck would have it, I have an extra grapefruit at home. I know what I’m doing with it come Friday night!

  4. I just finished juicing 4 cups of grapefruit juice.
    Victory! lol. 🙂 Must make these soon!

  5. Yuuuummmmm!! This would be perfect on a hot summers day … just as precaution though, I think I may have to try them before hand. You know, just to make sure they’re good 😉 lol. Lovely recipe!!

  6. I love grapefruit and margaritas! Sounds like a match made in heaven to me!

  7. wow these sound amazing! i’m obsessed with grapefruit right now and trying all sorts of grapefruit recipes this is next on the list

  8. I can see myself sipping on one of these on a hot summer day…or maybe I will whip some up today lol.

  9. yummy! so refreshing!