2012 favorites

I didn’t post as much in 2012 as I have in previous years (only 3 posts in the entire month of November!), but I did find some great new recipes.

rice noodle peanut butter salad 5

Rice noodle salad with peanut dressing has all of my favorite characteristics of a weeknight dinner – it’s healthy, easy, tastes great, and makes great leftovers.

ricotta 12

I haven’t bought ricotta since I started making my own. It’s so much smoother and tastier than the stuff in the plastic container from the grocery store, not to mention that it only takes ten minutes to make and provides me a way to use up almost-expired containers of milk.

grapefruit margarita 5

Grapefruit margaritas are back on the menu, now that it’s winter and grapefruit is back in season. So delicious! So dangerous!

tiny meatball sauce 12

I know this pasta with tiny meatball sauce looks like mushy Spaghettios, but it isn’t similar at all – it’s tomato sauce simmered for hours with three different types of meat, served over fresh pasta, topped with bite-sized meatballs. It’s amazing stuff.

marinated roasted tofu 10

It’s always a treat when I make marinated roasted tofu to snack on at work instead of my normal hard-boiled eggs.

black bean quinoa 6

Black bean quinoa salad with tomatillo salsa is the perfect complement to the rice noodle salad for weeknight meals. One busy week last year, I just made big batches of these two recipes so we could have tasty healthy meals all week with very little time required from me.

sushi burgers 7

California roll burgers have such a great balance of bright, light sushi ingredients and rich beef. They’re my new favorite hamburger for sure.

watermelon agua fresca 8

Watermelon agua fresca – a delicious refreshing drink with no alcohol?! It’s a miracle!

migas 9

Over the past six months, we’ve probably eaten more migas than any other dish. I make it, in some variation or another, just about every weekend.

mussels fra diavolo 5

Mussels fra diavolo might be outpacing salmon pesto pasta as Dave’s favorite meal. But my favorite part is that he’s always the one who cooks it.

My single New Year’s resolution is to get more use out of my cookbooks, but I’m not quantifying it or making myself accountable on the blog in any way. I just need to use the ones I have so I can justify buying more!

Happy New Year!

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  1. Your spaghetti with mini meatballs sounds delish! I might have to check it out even though I make my own sauce.

  2. Awesome website, Bridget! I’m gonna have to try lots of these recipes… Great job on the photography too! And a big pat on the back to Dave for making the mussels! hahaha!