chocolate ganache ice cream

I was doubting Dorie when I mixed up the custard for this ice cream. It’s made like any other custard-based ice cream, so I would have sworn that Dorie threw “ganache” in the title just to make it sound fancier and more decadent, when in fact it was just standard chocolate ice cream.

Oh, how wonderfully wrong I was. After the custard had chilled, I found that it had a texture similar to ganache, not like a looser regular ice cream base. So thick and smooth and rich, I was afraid that there was no improving on this, and that churning it into ice cream would just ruin that delicious texture.

Not only did it not diminish its luscious texture, but  when you churn custard into ice cream, you mix in air, giving you more volume. That means more ganache custard. And that is very, very good thing.

Katrina chose this recipe for the group, and she has it posted. I added some vanilla to the custard right before chilling.

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  1. Very, very good indeed. Custard = love!


  2. Wow…has it really been 2 years since that blueberry ice cream?? Hard to believe. Love the picture with the ice cream surrounded by all of that chocolate. Beautiful stuff.

  3. I love your pictures. Stunning!

  4. Two things. 1. I love anything chocolate. 2. I totally have those same serving dishes! I did a post a few months about about margarita ice cream and photographed them in my dishes like those! How funny! (of course, your photography is a MILLION times better than mine)

  5. I love that you have all the extra chocolate around the house, you know.. just for the pictures, right? 🙂

  6. This looks amazing! And I don’t even like chocolate ice cream! I love the simplicity of the photos, really lets the texture of the ice cream shine. I want it!!!

  7. Better than regular chocolate ice cream? This might be one of those rare excuses for me to make real ice cream instead of fro yo 🙂

  8. When I first saw this, I thought you stole my photo of Chocolate Velvet Ice Cream! Then I quickly realized your photos are MUCH better. But yours does look like it was the same texture, with the way the ice cream has the “cracks” in it. And your description of it’s texture chilled sounds similar. I have “Baking from My Home to Yours” so I’ll have to try this recipe and see how it compares!

  9. Love the chocolate surrounding the cute dish of chocolate ganache ice cream. Gorgeous! Loved the creamy, rich flavor and smooth texture. Delicious!

  10. Great photos of a delicious ice cream! Super rich and worth every little bite.
    Thanks so much for churning with me this week!

  11. Wow! That looks so good! I love the deep dark color of the ice cream!

  12. Wow, that looks so rich and inviting… Yum! Wonderful job on this ice cream… I just wish I could make it without an ice cream maker!

  13. Funny – I thought this would be more dark and sinister… but turned out to be a hit! Love your 3-scoop photo. You’ve really captured the air-iness of the ice cream!

  14. Your ice cream looks so decadent! Wow. Gorgeous photos!

  15. Drool-worthy ice cream! I have to make this, soon!!!