toasted almond scones

My parents are visiting this weekend (Hi Mom!), so of course I want to figure out the perfect menu that will taste amazing, fit everyone’s food preferences, reflect how I like to cook, and magically prepare itself while we’re out doing touristy things. Wish me luck!

My dinner plans are coming together, but I’ve been stumped at breakfast. Until I remembered that I have almond scones the freezer. Perfect! My mom loves scones and has been eating a lot of almonds lately. I’m sure my dad would rather have bacon (or sausage or ham or really any form of meat) and eggs, but when is it ever about the dad when your parents visit?

I believe my mom started really enjoying scones while she was visiting New Zealand several years ago. Unlike my retired world-traveling parents, I have never been to New Zealand, but I’m guessing the scones there are less sweet than we usually make them here in the US. If that’s the case, my mom will especially love these lightly sweetened biscuits. For eating plain, I might add a bit more sugar next time, but with a generous smear of jam, these were perfect.

Mike chose this recipe for Tuesdays with Dorie, and he has the recipe posted (as a link to the pdf; don’t miss it!). I doubled the salt.

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  1. As the resident New Zealander…. I have to say these look delicious!

    We don’t put sugar in our scones (they kind of resemble biscuits just not flaky), but then we go ahead and add jam and a dollop of fresh whipped cream to them and eat them for “tea”.

    I will probably try this recipe of yours, those look and sound very tasty! Your Mom and Dad will enjoy! (Im totally envious that yours are coming
    to visit )

  2. Bridget – I love the shape of these. You’re so “on the edge”. 🙂 Seriously, they look fantastic. And looks like all the almonds stayed afloat! How interesting about the sugar-less versions and ours…. I think these were a hybrid of sorts. Beautiful scones – and thanks so much for the bake-a-long this week!

  3. Your mom is one lucky lady! What a thoughtful daughter you are! Your scones look delicious!

  4. Your food always looks so good. Can I eat at your house?

  5. I love almonds in my breakfasts for an extra bit of protein. These look wonderful!

  6. Awesome pictures!

  7. i like the square ones. looking good!

  8. i love how you made them into squares. they look so delicious and i hope your mom loves them 🙂

  9. Love that first pic Bridget!! Hubby’s mom and BF are coming this weekend and I am juggling the same things you mentioned.

  10. i bet your mother will love them! hope your folks are have a nice visit.

  11. Linda says:

    These scones were really good. They had just the right amount of sweetness and didn’t need any jam as far as I was concerned. I highly recommend them to anyone who likes scones. -Bridget’s Mom

  12. made these a few weekends ago when we had visitors – including a european friend – they were such a hit. the european noted they reminded him of home 🙂 we enjoyed them with honey butter. i will never again eat one without the honey butter. total necessity.