maple cornmeal biscuits

These are not Italian in any way. Dave and I booked a trip to Italy last week and thought we’d have an Italy day on Saturday, where we’d have espresso, eat Italian food, drink Italian wine, and plan out our adventure. Little of that happened. We ate maple cornmeal biscuits because I needed to make them for Tuesdays with Dorie.  At least we had them alongside frittata with swiss chard. We never got to the espresso, and it wasn’t until Sunday that we sat down to map out our vacation plans. The grilled lamb and asparagus we had for dinner could have been any cuisine, although the Barbera that accompanied dinner was wonderful.

I’m always jumping ahead to the wine. Let’s talk more about breakfast. Even though maple cornmeal biscuits are not Italian and we had them on (what was supposed to be) Italy day, they were very delicious – sweet and gritty. I suspect we’ll have many more Italy planning days between now and when we leave in September, and I just might start them all out with maple cornmeal biscuits, Italian or not.

Lindsay has the full recipe posted. I made no changes.

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  1. Italian or not, they look tasty. So excited for you guys booking your trip. I’m sure you guys will have plenty of Italy days between now and September.

  2. Oooh, where in Italy are you heading? That’s so exciting, I love Italy!

    I also like cornmeal and sort of want those for breakfast tomorrow.

  3. How fabulous! Enjoy your trip. Your biscuits look great. Thanks for baking along with me.

  4. Have a fabulous time in Italy. It is such a beautiful intriguing country. Biscuits, no, not Italian, but still good.