tropical crumble

tropical crumble 4

My family’s beach vacations in Mexico always include swimming, beer drinking, wave watching, margarita drinking, cooking, and wine drinking. And so far, they’ve always included hovering neaby while someone cuts cubes of perfectly ripe mangoes, which are snatched up as soon as the knife is out of the way. There are few things in life better than eating mangoes on the beach in Mexico while on vacation.

tropical crumble 1

Baking a banana-mango crumble the day after vacation is less fun. For one thing, after a week of fried fish tacos, I was ready for some detox. For another thing, I do not feel that chunks of banana are meant to be baked.

tropical crumble 2

To compromise, I made the recipe with many changes. I cut the butter in the fruit filling by half, then cooked only the banana, over medium-high heat to brown it in the sugar mixture, bananas foster style. I reduced the butter in the crumble topping to 6 tablespoons and doubled the flour. Alongside a scoop of lowfat Greek yogurt, this dessert wasn’t half-bad, and it was only half-bad for me too.

tropical crumble 3

Gaye chose this for Tuesdays with Dorie, and she has the recipe posted. However, other members of TWD had a number of problems with it. With the changes I noted above, mine came out well.

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  1. Slurp,delicious

  2. Nothing beats a perfectly ripe mango.

  3. Gorgeous pictures!

  4. Glad you had another fantastic trip to Mexico. Sorry you had to come back!

  5. i will note to try doubling the flour in the crisp. this looks quite good, but eating mangoes on the beach in mexico does sound better!

  6. I am right there on the beach in Mexico eating mangoes in my head! This looks terrific, and it looks pretty unanimous that cutting the butter is the way to go. Thanks for baking along with me.

  7. I don’t like bananas so I used pineapple, which baked up just fine. I’m not so good at cutting up mango, but I did my best. My dessert wasn’t the nicest thing to look at, but it was tasty!

  8. Sounds like our vacations are very similar! 🙂 I’m drooling over that banana picture, all nice and caramelized.

  9. your crumble looks great! sorry you aren’t on vacation anymore 🙁

  10. I’m just imagining a beach vacation in Mexico…I would be missing it too! Love your caramelized banana idea. It makes more sense to me than just baking them.